Edit and Download Video Clips in DVD Quality

eMedia Monitor provides several search options, matching your needs to search for audio and video clips.

You can search by:

  • keyword
  • date and time
  • channel
  • geographic region
  • media type

Moreover you can browse a 30 day archive, and you can receive results for your profiles. To learn more about creating profiles click here, to learn more about recent clips click here.

There are many possibilities to display and edit clips, starting either from the "My Clips" or "Profiles" menu, or you can run an "Advanced Search".

Run a quick query in the Advanced Search

The "Advanced Search" feature allows you to search for keywords or phrases in a specific date range as well as in selected channels.

The results will show up in a list, illustrated with the first picture frame of the video sequence, respectively a microphone for radio stations.

Select "Search" - "Advanced" from the menu bar.

Enter search terms, then select Date and Channel

To review, edit and save one of the clips, you simply click on the image or on the headline, the "Media View" window will open and the clip will start to play automatically.

Review your clip in the "Media View" window

In the "Media View" window you can play the clip, and you can also review the minutes before and after the clip.

If you want to edit, save or export the clip, click on the "Make My Clip" button on the right side.

Media View window showing a clip

Define a Clip

After you click the "Make My Clip" button, a new window will open, displaying two video players.

The left player shows the original video, in the right player you can preview the edited result.

The image bar at the bottom shows key frames before and after the clip, at intervals of 50 seconds.

Define a clip following a few easy steps

Save the Clip

To save the edited clip, simply click on the format: DVD, SVCD, VCD.

Send the Clip via e-mail

You can e-mail a link to your clip. Recipients do not need an account on eMM's system to view the clip.

Example: Edit and Send Clip

Disclaimer: The availability of this functionality depends on content licensing which varies by channel and country.



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