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Set up profiles for the topics of your interest

Set up profiles for the topics of your interest

Find citations of top managers, brands, competitors, laws and regulations related to your company activities on radio and TV with a quick response and utmost confidentiality. Set up different profiles using keywords or phrases 24/7 whenever needed and view results immediately.


Get Search Results

Browse the latest audio/video clips and texts

When a topic of interest is found in the media, the clip is online available at the moment of broadcast. Each result is illustrated with the first picture of the video sequence, respectively a microphone for radio stations and the search terms are highlighted within the text.


Benefit from our automated real-time service

Receive automated alerts in real time

Our web-based media monitoring service delivers alerts on customer-defined keywords in radio and TV broadcasts in real time. Typically on average 25-30 seconds after the news was shown, an e-mail is sent containing the time and channel, the radio/video sequence and the text where the keyword was found.

Edit clips and decide on further activities

Edit the clip and decide on further activities

Do not bother your CEO with a 1.5 minutes video when only 20 seconds are relevant to her/him. No time-consuming training is needed to cut a clip, and you do not have to worry about exceeding your budget each time you need a video. Each clip is immediately created with a few easy steps.




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