Benefit from our automated real-time service: 25-30 seconds on average

Receive audio or video clips for the topics of your interest online or via e-mail alert in the minute of the broadcast.

eMedia Monitor offers the fastest fully automated system for monitoring radio and TV broadcasts - this means that you get the news when it breaks!

Edit existing profiles and set notifications

Edit your profiles from the "Profiles" menu. To learn how to create profiles and view search results click here.

Create a new profile

Select how you want to be notified

E-mail Notification: tick the box to receive an e-mail for each new result your query found.

Web Notification: tick the box to find each new result under "My Clips" - "Recent Clips". To learn more about recent clips click here.

Receive automated alerts

You will be notified typically on average 25-30 seconds after the news was shown on a radio or TV channel, with an automated e-mail containing the first image frame, date, time, channel and transcript text.

You can either click on the picture or on the headline to view the video.

Example: automated content alert

Unlimited opportunities for further usage

Real-time alerts can not only be delivered via e-mail. At the same time, alerts can be spread via Instant Messaging or RSS feed.

The RSS feed can be used as an API for integration with third party applications: Once a keyword is detected, a standard RSS feed including the first image frame, date, time, channel and transcript text can be conveyed to the application.



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