Vienna, December 01, 2016

Information Technology Internship (f/m)

Part time or full time; at the earliest opportunity. more...

Vienna, September 22, 2016

Globalization is here!
Monitor at every scale from local to global with eMM!

From local to global now also throughout Latin America! more...

Vienna, August 15, 2016

International Sales Manager (f/m) in UK

In order to strengthen our international sales team we are looking for a Sales Manager, to work from home office. more...

Vienna, August 10, 2016

Sales Manager B2B (w/m) für die DACH Region

Um unseren Vertrieb in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz zu verstärken, suchen wir einen Sales Manager (w/m) im B2B Bereich - ausschließlich Home-Office. more...

Vienna, July 1, 2016

Information Technology Internship (f/m)

Part time or full time; open from July 15th onwards. more...

Vienna, June 03, 2016

Making Metrics Matter: eMM one of the Silver Sponsors at the AMEC Summit for the fourth time!

Meet with us in London, 15 - 16 June 2016! more...

Vienna, April 26, 2016

Sales and Account Manager (f/m) in Latin America

Full time, open from June 1st onwards. more...

Vienna, April 20, 2016

Software Developer Internship (f/m)

Part time or full time; open from May 1st onwards. more...

Vienna, November 16, 2015

Additional coverage: Switzerland

eMM provides an additional portfolio of Swiss Radio and TV channels. more...

Vienna, October 27, 2015

Meet eMM at the World Media Intelligence Congress in Vienna!

This year Vienna, Austria, is the host city of the FIBEP Congress from November 17-20 2015. more...

Vienna, May 13, 2015

eMM sponsors the AMEC International Summit for the third time in a row

Winning the game: from local silos to global integration - meet with us in Stockholm, 3 - 4 June 2015! more...

Vienna, April 24, 2015

Meet eMM at the IKT Days in Vienna to talk about the latest innovations in media monitoring!

We are looking forward to be part of the exhibition of modern image processing and visualization technologies. more...

Vienna, April 21, 2015

Meet us at the 3rd International Software Days / Celtic-Plus Event

We are looking forward to meeting you in person on April 27 in Vienna to discuss how to facilitate digital search in multimedia archives. more...

Vienna, March 24, 2015

Radio and TV monitoring in real time — now also in Germany!

No more waiting for results, 30 seconds is enough! more...

Wien, 12. März 2015

Radio- und TV-Beobachtung in Echtzeit — jetzt auch in Deutschland!

Warten Sie nicht mehr Stunden auf Ihre Resultate, 30 Sekunden sind genug! more...

Vienna, March 04, 2015

Real-Time Multimedia Policy Analysis - eMM contributes to one of IGI Global's Publications

How governments take advantage of modern information and communication technologies, among them video and audio recognition — the core business of eMM. more...

Vienna, October 17, 2014

eMM covers Radio and TV Channels from Colombia

Due to continuously growing demand, we are happy to announce that we have extended our broadcast monitoring services in one of Latin America's growth markets: Colombia. more...

Vienna, August 1, 2014

eMM's new Query Visualization - retrieve relevant news easily!

Our research has shown that complex queries are often required to retrieve all relevant coverage and avoid irrelevant hits. more...

Vienna, May 07, 2014

eMM covering Radio and TV Channels from Australia

As of May 1st, we have greatly extended our coverage in Australia with additional regional and national channels. more...

Vienna, April 13, 2014

eMM sponsors AMEC's International Summit on Measurement in Amsterdam

Share your perspectives on media activity measurement! The aim of the Summit is to rise awareness among PR professionals about the importance of media measurement. more...

Vienna, November 11, 2013


eMM has been working with Information and Communications Technologies since 2007, offering a high service level both in terms of availability and response time. more...

Vienna, October 08, 2013

Project VISION+

Integrating Visual Information with Independent Knowledge: every second humans deal with enormous amounts of visual information; the goal in Computer Science is to reproduce the human information processing. more...

Vienna, October 01, 2013

Meet us at the ICT Networking Event: Security & Visualization

We are looking forward to meeting you in person on October 7 at Tech Gate Vienna to discuss the challenges of visualization in media monitoring. more...

Vienna, June 24, 2013

eMM at the International Arab Banking Summit 2013

Meet us this week at the AACC conference, taking place on the 27 June 2013, HOFBURG Vienna. more...

Vienna, June 03, 2013

Get together with eMM this week in Madrid at AMEC 2013

Use the opportunity to meet our experts in person and ask all the questions you like to know to grow your business with eMM. more...

Vienna, May 14, 2013

Media Usage: The vast majority enjoy Internet and TV

The latest Media Use Benchmark shows that 94% of all respondents watch TV and 85% listen to the radio every day. Reading online news attracts 75%. more...

Vienna, Apr 29, 2013

TV dominates overall usage in breaking news situations

Smartphones and laptops are most popular throughout the day, but TV usage in the evenings is still 50% higher than for any mobile device. more...

Vienna, Mar 29, 2013

Meet us at the International B2B Software Days

We are looking forward to meeting you in person on April 10 at Tech Gate Vienna to discuss the challenges of big data in media monitoring. more...

Vienna, Feb 1, 2013

eMM on official trade mission to Saudi Arabia

Use your chance to meet us in Saudi Arabia. more...

Vienna, Dec 17, 2012

New version of eMM broadcast monitoring platform available

eMM is pleased to announce the latest version of our broadcast monitoring platform as of 17 December 2012. Our new release includes some interesting new features such as faceted search and EPG integration. more...

Vienna, Nov 2, 2012

Help for media professionals with a free service to recover from Sandy's aftermath

eMM offers a 30-days free access to its platform to support the recovery from Sandy's aftermath.

There are times when everybody has to come up together. We know how the US East Coast has been severely hit by Hurricane Sandy. Even if it has to be put in perspective, we also know that media professionals are experiencing broadcast monitoring shortages due to the fact that their service providers may currently face damage recovery. If you or one of your clients are encountering this situation, eMedia Monitor may propose help by offering a 30-days free service.

eMedia Monitor provides an unrivaled, proven and trusted service. We can help you to cope with this serious situation, especially now at the point where recovery procedures start.

A world-wide coverage of more than 250 channels, 24/7, as well as a rolling 30 day audio and video online archive are available. Crisis management involves dealing with threats before, during, and after they have occurred to increase availability and scalability.

We can assure that you will not miss any critical news and that you can disseminate content whenever needed.

Please send us an email at and you'll hear from us shortly.

Vienna, Oct 1, 2012

eMM's early support for Android vindicated by market

Making the decision between the two players iPhone and Android is largely a matter of preference. Both Apple and Google deliver the mobile technology that keeps you connected on the go, but they do go about it differently. Being aware of those differences eMM made the right choice in which platform to support.

Since the beginning of the iPhone, Apple iOS and Google's Android operating systems run almost 85% of the mobile devices sold. Apple has historically dominated the market in terms of both sales and market share. But over the past year, Google's Android made significant strides from 43,1 % of mobile devices sold in Q2 2011 to 64,1 % sold in Q2 2012, whereas Apple remained about the same 18,8%. Apple's upcoming iPhone 5 will likely maintain and broaden its loyal following, as there are just three base models currently available: the 3G, the 4 and the 4S - but Android will continue to increase in popularity, as there are more than 70 Android phones available on the market.

eMM has supported Android devices from the beginning. Our clients can now enjoy video playback of alerts on the mobile platform of choice.

To experience the functionality of eMM's Pegasus System yourself, you can easily apply for a test account by sending an e-mail to .

Read more information about the rise of Android on MediaPost Publications.

Vienna, Sep 5, 2012

eMM Collaboration Tools now available

Particularly aimed at improving the efficiency of multiple editors, eMedia Monitor announces the availability of "eMM for Teams".

Completely integrated with the Pegasus platform, "eMM for Teams" provides the ability to a group of editors within one team to seamlessly work together on a given set of news items. Individual members see the status of each news item, who edited it and how it was classified. As always with the eMM platform, all this occurs in real time and with the known reliability of the Pegasus platform.

To learn more about this new release or any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us at .

Vienna, Nov 3, 2011

eMedia Monitor covering Radio and TV in America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia

Expanding the media monitors' footprint to Australia, eMedia Monitor is the first company world-wide to monitor radio and TV channels from five continents — America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

For eMM, 24x7 monitoring means much more than just looking for critical mentions in selected geographies or programs.
With the recent addition of Australian channels, media observers all over the world now have access to the most important and influential media world-wide - both national and international radio and TV channels.

With eMM providing an integrated, world-wide on-line system, all eMM clients can benefit from this coverage extension, cutting on costs and gaining efficiency by centralizing their worldwide coverage requirements on a unique service providing the precise media monitoring capability required.

Since its foundation in 2007, eMedia Monitor is leading the innovation in broadcast monitoring.
The innovations pioneered by eMM include:

  • Real-time alerting: The eMM Pegasus System pioneered real-time low-latency content processing and alerting in 2007. It took our competitors more than three years to come even close — but compare any system to our real-time service.
  • High quality video archive: Our clients love the DVD-like quality of the video clips they can watch.
  • World-wide integrated platform: Only eMM allows you seamless access to content from around the world right now. Traditional monitoring companies can provide any footage utlilizing a network of partners - but none can match even closely eMM's integrated content access and distribution network.
  • Affordable and flexible: Our fixed-fee pricing convinces every financial manager. No hidden fees, no per-clip charges, just a predetermined, fixed flat fee. Our flat fee maintains the autonomy of the media professionals to perform their job without having to watch the budget on every click they make.

To experience the features of eMM's Pegasus System yourself, e-mail us today at and ask for a free evaluation account or visit us at our web site at

Kuala Lumpur, Jun 1, 2011

MediaBanc Group selects eMedia Monitor for breaking news broadcast monitoring

Real-time broadcast monitoring services with comprehensive coverage of major international TV channels.

MediaBanc, the largest media monitoring and media intelligence provider in South East Asia, has selected eMedia Monitor to provide a real-time breaking news service for broadcast monitoring. MediaBanc has been monitoring all media channels for the last 14 years in providing media content analysis via its media intelligence unit for traditional and new media coverage on behalf of leading corporate, government, financial, PR and public sector clients. This partnership now means that MediaBanc can integrate breaking news content to further enhance its intelligence services to existing customers. The drive for global partnership comes as MediaBanc moves to aggressively pursue growth in the global sector and improve its value services toward Empowering Insightful Information.

eMedia Monitor services deliver the fastest and most accurate means to monitor TV and Radio broadcasts. Audio and video content is indexed and tagged using the company's speech-to-text technology. Commenting, Alan Lim, CEO of MediaBanc, said "Our clients have responded excitedly to the provision of a service that utilizes state-of-the-art technology in a straightforward format. It's the first time in South East Asia that such technology is being commercially employed to offer instant news information. We can update our clients as news breaks on broadcast channels, and complement this coverage with content derived from local broadcast, print and online sources. It represents a truly comprehensive service".

Thomas Netousek, CEO of eMedia Monitor, said "The service is unique in the range of international coverage. MediaBanc have established an unrivalled market leadership in South East Asia. We are pleased to be able to play a key role in delivering the benefits of both real-time international broadcast monitoring, archive search and data analysis to their significant list of clients".

About MediaBanc
MediaBanc, a MSC status company, is the foremost media monitoring and media intelligence company in the Southeast Asian region. It has more than 14 years of experience in the industry with operations strategically located in Kuala Lumpur, Johor Baru, Jakarta, Manila, Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh. MediaBanc currently monitors 50 radio stations, 80 television stations, 300 newspapers, 1300 magazines and 25,000 online news and blogs to cater to approximately 500 million people in South East Asia. Visit MediaBanc at

Dubai, Feb 16, 2011

Media Watch Middle East partners with eMedia Monitor for broadcast monitoring

Media Watch and eMedia Monitor to provide real-time broadcast monitoring services in the Middle East, North Africa and sub-Saharan Africa.

Media Watch Middle East, the leading provider of media monitoring in the region, and eMedia Monitor, provider of the most technically advanced radio and TV monitoring solutions, announce their partnership. This partnership will offer clients and partners of Media Watch ME seamless broadcast content complementing the company's continuously growing news monitoring services. As a result of this partnership, Media Watch is now capable of monitoring content from over 120 satellite stations on a near-realtime basis, fully digitized and accessible on the web 24/7. "Our region has witnessed explosive growth in the number of satellite channels over the past decade, as connectivity and freedom of speech continue to grow. TV is an increasingly important source of information for our clients and still the only media to influence a large audience in seconds, posing an ongoing challenge for PR & Communication Professionals alike. Whether it's reacting to a crisis, gathering competitive intelligence or simply monitoring your coverage, media monitoring needs to be delivered quickly and accurately", commented Mazen Nahawi, Managing Director, Media Watch Middle East.

The two companies finalized their partnership after having worked closely together for the past year, testing service and quality levels. Media Watch also conducted a thorough evaluation of technology providers from all around the world prior to partnering with eMedia Monitor. eMedia Monitor's Pegasus system proved to be unparalleled in terms of its audio and video search technologies as well as its speech-to-text capabilities. The newly developed Pegasus system offers significant advantages such as real-time alerts, scalability and the flexibility to answer a variety of market needs. Media Watch ME has just completed the integration of eMedia Monitor's technologies to become an integral part of Media Watch's comprehensive media monitoring solution. Media Watch's Managing Director, Mazen Nahawi, commented "We are confident that this system will answer ever-growing market demands offering our clients the most advanced broadcast monitoring technology to help them achieve rewarding business results".

Thomas Netousek, CEO at eMedia Monitor, said "Media Watch has an established and unrivalled market leadership. We are pleased to be able to play a key role in delivering the benefits of both real-time broadcast monitoring, archive search and data analysis to their significant list of clients".

About Media Watch Middle East
Established in 2002, Media Watch is the first dedicated media monitoring company in the region to offer consolidated comprehensive news monitoring from print, TV, radio, Internet and analysis/research services via a single online platform. Media Watch helps communications professionals maximize results in media relations and provides solutions designed to give clients the ability to target and analyze their messages more effectively. Media Watch has a rapidly growing team of over 180 correspondents in 31+ countries spanning the Middle East, Levant, Africa and the Indian subcontinent. With cutting-edge technology and innovative products, hundreds of clients regard Media Watch as a trusted source for media monitoring, analysis services and commercial intelligence.

Vienna, Jan 08, 2010

Precise Media selects eMedia Monitor for broadcast monitoring

Precise Media Group, the UK's leading media intelligence provider, has selected eMedia Monitor to provide their real-time broadcast monitoring service with comprehensive coverage of UK national and local TV & Radio.

Precise has monitored and analysed the impact of print and online media coverage on behalf of leading corporate, financial, PR and public sector clients for a number of years. This partnership now means that Precise can seamlessly integrate broadcast content into its range of monitoring and analysis services.

eMedia Monitor services deliver the fastest and most accurate means to monitor TV and Radio broadcasts. Audio and video content is indexed and tagged using the company's speech-to-text technology. Commenting, Keir Fawcus, Managing Director at Precise, said "Our clients have responded very positively to a service that provides a state-of-the-art technology in a straightforward format. We can update our clients as news breaks on broadcast channels and can blend this coverage in with content derived from print and online sources. It represents a truly comprehensive service."

About Precise Media Group
Precise is the leading provider of media intelligence services in the UK, providing press, online, broadcast and social media monitoring, media analysis and forward planning services. Precise is retained by over 5,000 corporate, financial, PR, charity and government clients including over 80% of the FTSE 100.

Vienna, May 08, 2009

24x7 support now available for Platinum support customers

Following the demands of our enterprise clients who work 24x7 and providing services to clients from Asia-Pacific, Europe and the U.S., eMedia Monitor today announces the introduction of our new Platinum support level.

Having established a user-base who is both geographically spread around the globe and also having clients who digest the content-alerts we are providing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, eMedia Monitor have reacted and introduced a new Platinum support level.

By subscribing to Platinum Support, enterprise clients can now rest assured that any issue they encounter will be handled around the clock, 24x7 within the agreed-upon service levels.

Platinum support is a seamless extension to our high-quality Gold support level. All the features and the industry-leading support quality are now available 24x7. You can reach Platinum support via telephone, e-mail or web.

Vienna, Apr 24, 2009

UK coverage greatly extended - 51 new channels on-line

eMedia Monitor announces the expansion of its UK News Monitoring service covering an additional 51 regional UK Radio and TV channels. By relying on our world-class Pegasus System, eMedia Monitor is able to fund this significant investment in economically challenging times.

eMedia Monitor has established the lead position in Broadcast Monitoring through its patent-pending Pegasus technology. Pegasus has set new standards for real-time content delivery, reliability and use of multiple delivery channels. In the two years since the company was founded, eMedia has established a solid base of partners and clients and rapidly become the Number 1 provider of choice for TV and Radio Monitoring.

Vienna, Jul 18, 2008

Launching TVSeer - The Enterprise TV and Audio Monitoring Agent

Formicary Ltd, an IT consultancy firm specialising in providing solutions to the financial services industry, and eMedia Monitor, a technology leader in broadcast monitoring, audio/video search and retrieval, today launched TVSeer™ - The enterprise TV and audio monitoring agent.

TVSeer™ is a unique new service that monitors media broadcasts on a user's behalf and delivers targeted alert notifications direct to the desktop via instant message. Using advanced speech-to-text technology, TVSeer™ monitors multiple channels in multiple languages 24/7, automatically delivering relevant content within 15 seconds of transmission.

The service has been designed for financial professionals who need to know events that will move or change the global market landscape, as well as those who are interested in sector-specific news.

Specifically aimed at researchers, analysts and traders in financial services, TVSeer™ allows users to set up advanced search filters for specified keywords and complex terms. Once triggered, an alert containing the summary is sent to the user, who can then choose to view the original clip. Philip Miller, Head of Intelligent Messaging at Formicary said "We have been working with top tier Investment Banks to deliver this service based on superior speech recognition technology, uniquely tailored to the Financial Services market. We are pleased to announce that all information consumers are now in a position to benefit from this innovation."

About Formicary

Formicary is an information technology solutions company that specialises in building integrated applications to maximise business efficiency and streamline business processes for the Financial Services industry.

Founded in 2000, Formicary brings together a world class team of talented and dedicated professionals with industry experience and understanding covering front to back office in equities, fixed income and derivatives. This knowledge, coupled with technical excellence ranging from legacy client/server to cutting edge technologies, enables Formicary to offer innovative and sophisticated solutions to help clients improve their productivity and increase their return on investment.

Formicary has offices in Europe, North America and Australia. For more information, please visit or contact us at

Vienna, Apr 8, 2008

RAI uses the eMedia Pegasus System for Real-Time Content Control Solutions

The Pegasus System has been delivered to RAI - Radiotelevisione Italiana as an industrial test-bed to verify the effectiveness of a real-time audio monitoring system to prevent offensive content reaching an unintended audience. Any foul or obscene word will be detected and removed from any broadcast, live or pre-recorded. The real-time application makes use of a small delay in the transmission process allowing an offensive term to be replaced with a beep.

eMedia Monitor are working closely with the RAI technical team based in Turin. The ability to remove foul and obscene language from broadcast content is seen to offer significant protection to a viewing and listening audience.

"Matching the requirements of RAI was only possible because of our advanced Pegasus architecture", said Dr Thomas Netousek, CEO of eMedia Monitor. "This deploys a real-time low-latency audio and video mining application." The core technology is also being used in providing solutions for other markets. These range from real-time TV and Radio news content for use in the Financial Services Market to analysis work in call centres.

Dr Netousek commented further that "With the explosion of audio and video content on TV, Radio and the Web, it is essential to provide appropriate monitoring and control safeguards. The development work with RAI leads the way in delivering industry solutions."