eMM boosts radio and TV monitoring in Spain and Latin America

eMM boosts radio and TV monitoring in Spain and Latin America

As one of the technological innovation leaders in Europe, eMedia Monitor provides state-of-the-art monitoring of radio and TV from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Peru and the Dominican Republic.

eMM works with the leading media monitoring organizations in each country. All benchmarks against media monitoring companies using HR have proven eMM to find at least 30% more relevant mentions, and in addition the mentions are detected in real time. eMM wins more and more enthusiastic customers covering their presence on radio and TV automatically.

Since eMedia Monitor launched its radio and TV monitoring service in 2007, the service has expanded globally, first within Europe, then to Middle East and Australia. Now eMM has greatly extended their coverage in Central and South America. Clients and partners around the world — from Lima to Sydney, from Frankfurt to Cape Town, from London to Dubai — are using eMM’s services simultaneously, receiving personalized real-time alerts typically on average 25-30 seconds after broadcast.

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About eMedia Monitor eMedia Monitor is an Austrian technology company, which has become a technology and innovation leader in worldwide radio and TV monitoring. Since its foundation in 2007, eMM provides monitoring services with excellent acceptance and recognition in the market. Over the past nine years, eMM has always redefined the standards in the media monitoring industry, pioneering innovations like 24/7 real-time broadcast monitoring and highest reliability standards:

  • 24/7 coverage and real-time analysis
  • Speech recognition (speech-to-text) adapted to country-specific language characteristics
  • Self-service web platform and personalized automated real-time alerts (30 seconds)
  • Professional customer service and technical support