Think Big. Think eMM.

Broadcast monitoring for the USA, Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe and parts of Asia. eMM offers the most comprehensive coverage worldwide
including all 210 DMAs as well as 65+ additional countries.

Choosing the eMM Broadcast Monitoring online tool means choosing 24/7 real-time TV, radio and Web-TV monitoring with the lowest latency and highest quality on the media monitoring

We are the most flexible worldwide broadcast monitoring partner when it comes to adding new channels or opening up new areas. We customize the monitoring solution you need, no matter if you want to concentrate on small areas with selected channels or you need a worldwide monitoring solution.

Our nothing-to-install online real-time monitoring tool is ready to use in no time and perfectly fits your monitoring needs – with all the channels you need on one platform.

Crisis management, ad and news monitoring, company image, competitor investigation? Trust in the leading broadcast and Youtube monitoring provider with the most experience and widest coverage.

Fully automated TV, radio and web TV monitoring has a lot of advantages such as saving time, work capacity and preventing duplicate work. Pegasus by eMM is the best monitoring tool if you need a reliable solution for your PR & advertising monitoring as well as content or news tracking. eMM‘s broadcast monitoring tool can help to deliver valuable insights, create impressive reports and always keep an eye on what is broadcast about your topics of choice. Discover our innovative features such as the Waterfall Tool, that shows how the news roll in real time, the helpful query visualization or our easy-to-use clip editor, just to name a few.

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