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Your worldwide broadcast monitoring solution.

With the most comprehensive coverage worldwide, our broadcast monitoring tool helps you to keep an eye on your own, your client‘s or your competitor‘s company or any other topic of interest.
Getting real time monitoring results on events, incidents, or any other relevant topic is one of the key factors when you have to act if a problem evolves. The sooner you know, the sooner you can
react – the eMM real-time alerting system shoots out a message immediately after your search term was broadcasted.

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PR & Crisis Management

Nothing is more disastrous than being late on getting to know broadcasted news from somewhere in the world concerning a topic that could cause a problem to you or your customer. When receiving information at an early stage you can create an action plan on how to react and prevent things from getting worse. This is where eMM steps in. Never again miss any news on TV, radio or web-TV with the lowest latency in the industry. Be the first to know and take the helm.

Case Study

One of our customers serves an international pharma group as PR consultant. The pharmaceutical company was close to releasing a new drug when a similar product of one of its competitors came into the media limelight – but not for pleasing reasons. One of the ingredients used by the competitor was suspected to be carcinogenic, causing the media to focus on that company but also on the product soon to be released by our partner‘s client. By using the eMM online monitoring tool, the PR consultant had noticed the news regarding the competition and the problem with the competitor‘s product. The PR agency together with its client timely reacted with an information campaign to make sure that their new drug was distinguished from the problematic competition product and positively received by the market.


One tool – a variety of features.

Discover our unique features that make monitoring easy. The user-friendly interface and the many analysis options help you to generate impressive results.


Our unique editorial workflow enables your monitoring team to work efficiently as a team – even if your team is located in different parts of the world.

Profiles and Profile Groups

You can create as many profiles as you want – and also group them into clear and easy-to-manage profile groups such as per clients or topics. The channels can be selected individually for each profile.

Query visualization

You do not need to be an expert in Boolean search to set up new profiles. Our query visualization helps you to view and check even the most complex profiles while creating them.

eMM broadcast monitoring: Real-time, global, 24/7.

Choosing the eMedia Monitoring online tool means choosing 24/7 real-time TV, radio and web-TV monitoring with the lowest latency and highest quality on the monitoring market.
We offer the monitoring solution you need, no matter if you want to concentrate on small areas with picked channels or if you need global monitoring.

eMM offers the most comprehensive coverage worldwide.
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