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Trolls and other mythical online creatures: How reliable is shared information?

Austria is currently discussing a new law to improve cyber security. Facebook users might have to enter their mobile phone number when opening a social media account since every phone number is linked to personal data. This is supposed to fight inappropriate posts, comments or other forms of social media criminality. And if it occurs, it should be easy to figure out the person behind this online misbehaviour. But isn‘t that a very personal information to disclose? And how come that all these bubbly, happy friend-making online platforms turn into crimescenes? Let‘s take a look. Facebook started in 2006 when everyone who claimed to be 13 years or older could be part of the innovative platform founded by a group ...
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Business Innovation? Business Intelligence!

At eMedia Monitor we understand the importance of bringing valuable content to our customers. This is why we decided to develop a business tool that is able to build relationships between your internal data and our external data-cubes to create valuable insights. Everyday business transforms more and more into the digital world, the same applies for data consumption. Customers receive data in many different ways that didn‘t even exist a few years ago and also their data production is changing a lot into a more automated direction. Acknowledging these trends was the first step to create our business intelligence solution. It helps users to better understand their impact, revenues and data movements. A good example would be the correlation between ...
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Realtime broadcast monitoring made easy

For companies that are planning to go international or have clients who want to go abroad with their offices, monitoring the current situation might make the big difference. TV and Radio are among the most reliable sources for researching economics and politics, which deliver information that should not be underestimated when considering to go abroad for business. But keeping an overview of so much content is not always the easiest thing to do – as long as no analysis tool is being used. By using a broadcast monitoring system finding, editing and analyzing interviews, insights, and other relevant broadcast clips becomes a breeze compared to manual monitoring. Online tools reduce the workload to a minimum and at the same time ...
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Once there was a content…

Realtime Media monitoring has been a reliable and immediate source of information for quite a long time now. Search queries are being created, observed and analyzed. Users can watch the new clips rolling in in real time or get a notification immediately after airing. These clips can then be edited and used according to customer‘s needs. But what if I need access to content that aired in the past? Usually, providers offer realtime-monitoring that starts as soon as the search query is created – any content before that is not analyzed. Since sometimes customers have to react on hoc requests and therefore need information from the past, eMedia Monitor created a solution that makes it possible to access aired content ...
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Is TV culture about to decease?

Every other week there are rumors of television „dying“ in countries all over the world, the same applies to the Latin American region. But it is actually nothing like that, TV is part of a vivid culture and more vital than ever. Television is the politician‘s first choice for promoting propaganda, Football events, telenovelas and also the numbers of advertising in TV are rising – with no fall in sight. The devices may change - especially for the younger generation – from large screens to tablets or phones, to be able to watch the content on the go, but television is an important part of their audivisual environment. Also, this generation unites with audience up to the age of sixty ...
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