Pegasus Online Monitoring

How does eMedia Monitor Pegasus System help you to make your daily media monitoring tasks easier?

  • Daily media monitoring tasks can be handled automatically, in house, where the organization knowledge is, where confidentiality on specific matters is guaranteed and where the time for a sudden need or a special focus is available.
  • Storage of at least 30 days of video/audio with the quality it was broadcasted.
    EMM does not compress video data to save disk space, therefore only eMM has an archive of original quality (high definition) in which the broadcast was originally aired.
  • Capability to download video clips of the desired length with the same quality in which it was transmitted.
  • Media monitoring material immediately available at your disposal.
  • Interruption-free splicing of clips – eMM Pegasus reproduces the original quality free of crack or click at artificial segment boundaries every minute providing a smooth disruption-free stream.
  • Query visualization – user-friendly interface which facilitates the process of making queries by automatically showing a graphic of what is being specified in your boolean-search profile, hereby making your media monitoring tasks a breeze.
  • Content Feed – maintaining security by using a specialised user id to fetch results for use in your own content management system – for all editors including content from all users of one organization.
    • Feeds are available for edited or not edited notifications
    • Feeds include all the metadata
  • Channel Editor – The channel editor makes use of eMM’s proprietary channel database with information collected since 2007 comprising now over 20,000 channels from 109 countries and including information like media type, country, city, ownership (private or public sector).
  • Language Model Update – allows users to submit new words and their context to be added to the speech-to-text system.P
  • Possibility to set up and scale media monitoring independently
  • Guaranteed time saving and confidentiality
  • Functions regarding alerting, transcriptions, generating videos and dispatching clips to audience

To learn more about the eMedia Monitor broadcast monitoring tool, click here:

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