Broadcast Monitoring

Keep an eye onto what is said about your own company or any topic of your interest on TV and Radio

  • monitor broadcast advertising
  • observe your own company or your competitors
  • track specific content or topics of your choice
  • filter, analyze and edit TV & Radio clips
  • be able to react on news immediately
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For whom broadcast media monitoring is useful

PR Specialist Media Monitoring
PR Specialist
Marketing Manager Media Monitoring
Marketing Manager
Media Analyst Media Monitoring
Media Analyst
CIO CFO Media Monitoring

The Pegasus Monitoring System by eMM

With the powerful Pegasus online monitoring tool, eMedia Monitor offers a worldwide broadcast observation solution. Users get access to TV and Radio content from all over the world: more than 2,000 channels from 65 countries in seven languages are available and these numbers are steadily ongrowing.

Create search profiles and track the topics of your choice. You can see the newest clips rolling in, analyze and edit them. To make sure you never miss important information, you receive a realtime alert, whenever clips containing your searchterms are aired.

Choosing eMedia Monitor means choosing

Years Experience Media Monitoring
many years of experience
Reliable Service Media Monitoring
a reliable service & a dedicated team
flexible partner Media Monitoring
a flexible partner
Precise Media Monitoring
precise media monitoring

Simplifying floods of informations

The eMedia Monitor online tool makes it so much easier to keep an overview over all the aired content. By Boolean Search you can precisely filter all broadcasted news to find exactly the information you need. Should you need to monitor a specific channel that is currently not in our database, chances are really good we can add it – flexibility is one of our strengths.

The Pegasus System

Desplácese hacia abajo para obtener una primera impresión de la interfaz de usuario. Experimente la increíble cobertura mundial y cómo se está desarrollando con el tiempo. Use la herramienta Cascada para ver cómo se reproducen los clips más recientes, vea cómo se rompen los temas y las historias que se desarrollan segundos después de ser transmitidos.

¿Tienes diferentes clientes o proyectos que no quieres mezclar? Absolutamente no hay problema: cree grupos de perfiles claros para mantener siempre un seguimiento. Al hacer clic en «clips recientes», verá su contenido más reciente ordenado por fecha de publicación y al utilizar el campo de búsqueda, podrá buscar sus palabras clave en nuestro contenido almacenado de los últimos 90 días.

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See at a glance how the coverage of your topics of interest develops over time

Recent Clips

In «Recent Clips» you are able to browse the latest TV and radio clips of all your added topics and interests.


The «Waterfall» shows live how the news about topics break and the stories unfold.

Profile Groups

With our «Profile Groups», you are able to setup profiles for the topics of your interest, to find relevant mentions in real time and around the world