Once there was a content…

Media monitoring has been a reliable and immediate source of information for quite a long time now. Search queries are being created, observed and analyzed. Users can watch the new clips rolling in in real time or get a notification immediately after airing. These clips can then be edited and used according to customer‘s needs.

But what if I need access to content that aired in the past?

Usually, providers offer realtime-monitoring that starts as soon as the search query is created – any content before that is not analyzed. Since sometimes customers have to react on hoc requests and therefore need information from the past, eMedia Monitor created a solution that makes it possible to access aired content from the past. Simply type in your search query and the online system shows emmediate results. Until now, users were able to see clips from the last 30 days – which we now can extended to full 90 days!

When it comes to monitoring you can now react more flexible than ever. Don‘t worry about sudden requests, with our 90 days information storage we get you perfectly covered.

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