Campaign Tracking

How does eMedia Monitor help you to monitor international business, in many countries, in many languages, from one single location?

  • Find citations of top managers, brands, competitors, laws and regulations related to your company activities on radio and TV.
  • Administrative interface for a “super user” to create and manage his own accounts. The “super user “ can create as many new users as needed and select which channels these users have access to.
  • A shared profileA profiles describes a single word (keyword), phrase or query to be tracked on a regular basis.... More allows for sharing of profiles between users in order to facilitate an internal distributed workflow regarding hits and mentions. A profileA profiles describes a single word (keyword), phrase or query to be tracked on a regular basis.... More can be tagged as shared between your own user account and users in your “share group”, so that all specified editors can have access to its results using their own user account.
  • Set up different profiles using keywords or phrases 24/7 whenever needed and view results immediately.
  • World-wide coverageThe amount or extent to which something is covered. In connection to media, speaking about “Media Coverage” means media from across the countries – and around the world. Coverage reflects... More in many languages (English, Spanish, Arabic, French and German among others)
  • Integrated system with a powerful queryQuery language is a computer language, used to make queries into databases and information systems. With eMM you can easily create queries to generate alerts for your brand, your industry,... More languageLanguage is the human capacity for acquiring and using complex systems of communication, and a language is any specific example of such a system. Spoken language processing includes technologies like... More.
  • Scales from one market and one analyst to a team of analysts covering hundreds of channels across the world.
  • Automatic export of the edited feed to Dropbox – collect all edited clips in one specific place.
  • Option to do it automatically weekly at a specific day for a specific topic.

This and more is offered by eMedia MonitoreMedia Monitor is an Austrian technology company which has become a market leader in the field of global radio and TV monitoring. Since 2007 eMM has provided international media monitoring... More Pegasus System.

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