Use Cases

Reaping the benefits of eMM

Marketing Manager

When the time comes to request next year’s marketing budget, most requests are not based on demonstrable success and a solid ROI, but on the prior year’s figures plus some nominal increase.

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Media Analyst

Media analysis is widely used, but it is often subjective and lacking research. Objective methods are required that deliver a credible proof of results and ROI to the management. But how to measure PR activities?

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Most CIOs face the challenge of users and management clamoring for all kinds of applications following the latest trends. How much easier would it be to have no project risk, no installation costs and no hardware troubles?

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Can you imagine to reduce HR costs by 50% and still generate the same coverage? What if you also could get greater effectiveness? How much easier is it to live with a fixed monthly fee for unlimited usage at least in one division?

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