Marketing Manager

The Marketing Manager combines knowledge and decision making to effect results. The majority of benefits for the marketing team revolve around job satisfaction, increased productivity, improved marketing results and freedom for creative expression.

When the time comes to request next year’s marketing budget, most requests are not based on demonstrable success and solid ROI, but instead based on the prior year’s figure plus some nominal increase. Proven successful campaigns result in increased budgets for the marketing department, so the department’s performance must be measurable (ROI, increased efficiency).

Having the competitive edge in form of a marketing information system is critical to meeting goals. Particularly in markets which are organized along business or product lines, but certainly applicable to any organization in a potential growth market. In the battle of global competition, marketing executives cannot be successful without the requisite tools.

  • World-wide coverageThe amount or extent to which something is covered. In connection to media, speaking about “Media Coverage” means media from across the countries – and around the world. Coverage reflects... More 24/7 guarantees not to miss a single mention on radio or TV
  • Real-time analysis and feedback: a located keywordA keyword is a significant or descriptive word, or a significant word or phrase, which occurs in a text more often than we would expect it to occur. A keyword... More or mention can be the trigger for an integrated online marketing campaign
  • Implement an Integrated Communication Approach including various tools such as radio and TV advertising, social mediamedia that isn't traditional / ‘industrial’ / ‘mass’ media; media that is interactive. (Source:, June 13, 2012)... More marketing, online marketing (banner advertising)
  • Execute the Integrated Marketing Communications Plan using eMM’s unique features like the fully automated real-time service
  • Analysis of your own brand/product versus competitors
  • Ongoing measurement of your worldwideapplying or extending throughout the world, universal. eMM offers selective monitoring of broadcast media international, national, and regional in more than 40 countries in Africa, America, Australia, Asia, Europe (see our... More marketing activities from one single location
  • Major languages covered (English, Spanish, Arabic, French and German among others)
  • Time zone support – all broadcastA broadcast is a message that is transmitted by radio or television. To broadcast means to transmit a radio or television program electronically by radio or TV for public or... More times are shown in your time zone
  • Sharing of tasks within a team of analysts