World Radio Day

World Radio Day

The radio as we all know it is very well integrated into everyday life. People listen to the radio while driving their car, cooking or sitting at family dinner. It has become our everyday background sound that can have a lot of different functions, such as information, entertainment or distraction.

The relevance of the classic broadcast radio has been constantly changing over the last few years. Nowadays additional to the satellite delivered channels, a lot of webradio stations are available. Taking a closer look, most of these are online versions of the radio channels we all know and these are the most listened online channels. And still, the classic broadcast radio is one of the most used medias with a daily reach of up to 90 percent.

People might think that online channels are on the go replacing the classic radio but it seems that online radio works as a good addition since the numbers of users are very stable. This is partly due to the countless possibilities to use radio and on the other hand to the integration in everyday life. Also young listeners appreciate the advantages of broadcast radio and it‘s function of regional integration and identification. And due to the fact that also the young generation is making use of radio, it is very important to create relevant information that fits to their modern lifestyle.

eMedia Monior was one of the first to recognize the relevance of broadcast and it‘s analysis for companies worldwide. With state of the art technology and the most Radio and TV channels worldwide, eMM has become one of the leading media monitoring companies. With eight languages and channels in more than 70 countries, they made it to international success.