What‘s new in version 2

What‘s new in version 2

Customer‘s satisfaction is one of our top priorities just as constantly developing our media monitoring platform for best user experience. Our great team has been working hard on the latest version of the eMedia Monitor Pegasus System to add interesting new features which make our monitoring system even more appealing, efficient and responsive. We optimized our online media monitoring tool for Chrome and Firefox – which work on Windows as well as on MacOS.

You can expect a completely new and fresh user interface, with lots of optimizations to ensure a responsive and powerful user experience. The eMedia Monitor Pegasus System is multi lingual with run-time switch of UI language.

Create your very own starting page by choosing your favourite display and bookmarking it. This allows you to enter the system with exactly the information you choose to see on the welcome page.

Watch your news as they roll in with the amazing „waterfall“ tool. With this tool you can easily explore how a news-story started and how it evolves over time – even in different regions of the world. Immediately identify what‘s the newest broadcasted information.

With our new features we also make the creation of high quality profiles super easy – when creating a profile, you get immediate feedback from the monitoring system on how accurate your profile is and it estimates how the hits will be distributed over time. Our new online spam check gives you feedback if your profile is too unspecific and therefore would give you too many unrelevant results. The automatic vizualisation of the profile during set up allows you to work intuitively when creating new profiles.

Also, you can now search through all profiles in all groups – no profiles will be hidden.

Last but not least: managing your profiles is much easier now, you can simply move a profile from one profile group to another or put a profile to the trash and re-activate it later on by dragging it out again.

We hope you will enjoy our latest innovations as much as we do!

If you need support or more information, please contact service@emediamonitor.net.

You do not work with the eMedia Monitor Pegasus system yet? Schedule a demo online or contact the address above.