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24/7 real-time radio, TV and web TV monitoring
3400+ broadcast channels
75+ countries

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Worldwide Broadcast Monitoring

eMM provides you with all broadcast information you need for fact-based decisions, reputation management, strategy improvements and more. Keep an eye on the media coverage of all the topics relevant to you: your own business, your competition, or other keywords of interest.

Track, share and analyze media content of more than 3400 channels worldwide in corresponding languages with the most comprehensive media monitoring solution available – 24/7, with real-time alerts.


The most comprehensive worldwide coverage by eMM.

With eMedia Monitor you can track your campaigns automatically, analyze all the collected data, and easily manage all clips with our intuitive web application.

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With eMedia Monitor you are able to monitor TV, radio and web TV channels around the world.
Check out our map to see our supported coverage area.

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countries across the globe


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What our customers are saying about us

We are impressed by the high quality global coverage of 24/7 real-time broadcast content. One of the biggest advantages for us is eMM’s capability to cover and process seven different languages.

Sensika - Bulgaria

By integrating eMM Dart System into our Media Intelligence Tool Ubermetrics Delta we are able to provide our customers with relevant and reliable radio and TV content results in real-time.

Ubermetrics Technologies GmbH - Berlin, Germany

Their flexibility and customer orientation exceeded our expectations. With eMM, we have found a reliable partner who covers international broadcast media that we and our customers use and analyze daily.


Es una plataforma robusta que es además fácil de usar. Nos gusta que podemos hacer búsquedas en cualquier momento y obtener notificaciones en tiempo real.

Siglo Data MMI - Colombia

We have been using eMM for one year, by the end of September 2017. The real time availability of broadcast data at all times still impresses us. The easy managing of the data makes it possible to do quick searches and get immediate results. Your support is excellent , and the turnaround time on questions asked is appreciated. The professional way in which all queries are handled gives a new meaning to service delivery.

OrnicoGroup (Pty) Ltd. - South Africa

En nuestro negocio y para nuestros clientes, resulta fundamental la detección inmediata de información relacionada a sus marcas en los principales medios de México. Las soluciones de monitoreo ofrecidas por eMedia nos han simplificado nuestros procesos gracias a que la tarea se realiza en tiempo real y a través de una plataforma amigable que nos permite entregar informes detallados y precisos a nuestros clientes, quienes a su vez adquieren las herramientas necesarias para la toma de decisiones.

PR Newswire - Mexico

The eMM platform offers a wide range of possibilities and we are able to monitor all broadcast stations relevant to us and our clients. Additionally, the short response times and working with the team are a pleasure!

Clip News - Greece

إننا فخورون بالتعاون مع شركة اي ميديا مونيتور لما تقدمه لنا من حلول لامتناهية من حيث التغطية الإعلامية لقنوات التلفزيون والراديو غير المحدودة، والخدمة على مدار الساعة

Lucidya - Saudi Arabia

The ease and speed of the service are what has struck me so far. It is super easy to use and I can literally be sourcing clips in almost real time. I have nothing but amazing things to say about eMedia Monitor. It is the go-to service for me and my clients around the world.

Roth Multimedia Inc. - USA