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The leading media monitoring provider eMM inspires customers worldwide and helps them understand their media presence

Who We Are & What We Do

We offer solutions that are second to none. Our customers are professionals in their field: marketing, PR, politics, analytics and many more. As such, they rely on nothing but the world’s best and most flexible solutions available. eMM combines the most innovative technologies with the most extensive broadcast channel coverage, high quality service and the highest levels of security. This way, media monitoring can contribute to its users achieving outstanding performance.

We are tech-driven. Technology is the engine that drives us and that makes our system so unique. In-house developed solutions based on speech-to-text and deep learning enable us to react flexibly to the needs of our customers - quickly and easily. By adding innovative technologies such as fingerprint we are able to offer a technically sophisticated range of advanced yet user-friendly products.

eMM offers a wide range of products and packages to satisfy the media monitoring needs of each specific business case.

We deliver high quality service. Our focus is on managing customer’s requests to the fullest satisfaction. Every business case is individual and requires tailor-made solutions that we put together for and with our users. In sync with our flexibility to add channels as well as languages and even features, this makes our understanding of customer service.

We are international. Just like our product, that contains more than 3,400 available broadcast stations in 75 countries worldwide, our team is also made up of professionals from all over the world. This is how we ensure to offer the best possible service everywhere and in several languages.

We are independent. The headquarters of the privately held company are located in the heart of Vienna, Austria.

We are experienced. The company was founded in 2007 with the purpose of innovating electronic media monitoring and since then we have been leading the industry of automated broadcast monitoring solutions.

We take responsibility. We pay great attention to working as environmentally friendly as possible. That is why in our head office we rely on 100% electricity from hydropower, which is CO2 neutral and does not cause any harmful waste. Our data centers are exclusively powered by renewable energies. We are thus making a small contribution to a future worth living in.

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