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eMedia Monitor GmbH

Who We Are

eMedia Monitor is the leading provider of real-time TV, radio and web TV monitoring. Clients appreciate the ability to analyze high-value broadcast media content from the Americas, UK, Europe, North and South Africa, the Middle East and Australia in a unified system.

Our customers include leading companies and organizations in information management and various other industries as well as non-profit organizations and governing bodies in different parts of the world. Content is analyzed from more than 3400 TV, radio and web TV channels in more than 70 countries all over the world in multiple languages, including but not limited to English, Spanish, German, Arabic, French, Polish and Greek. The service is easily accessible through our web portal and can be effortlessly integrated into your corporate work-flow.

eMedia Monitor is one of today’s fastest growing and most innovative media monitoring companies. Built upon an outstanding track record and reputation for the design and delivery of innovative media monitoring services, eMedia Monitor’s success resulted an excellent client base among world-class companies. The exceptional talent and technical expertise of our development team has allowed us to lead innovation in broadcast monitoring by pioneering features like high video quality, 24/7 monitoring, multilingual content management, real-time service and an integrated world-wide coverage.


What We Do

eMedia Monitor provides you with a personalized view onto what is said about your company, your field of operations, your competitors or other specific topics of interest. A nothing-to-install, easy to learn and easy-to-use tool for automated media monitoring. Within one day you are ready to work with our outstanding solution and you will be informed in real time about any mentions on TV, radio and web TV. Choose between ready-made country packages and tailor-made monitoring packages that contain exactly the channels you need. eMM offers the right solution for any of our customers’ broadcast monitoring needs.

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