Crisis management and the impact of monitoring

Crisis management and the impact of monitoring

“We did not see that coming!”. We all know, this is probably the worst sentence to be said in a crisis situation. But take a look at your own business or inspect your customers: Is your company really prepared for a crisis?

When we talk about crisis management, we are not speaking about the forces of nature or political disaster here, today’s crisis management is mainly about protecting one‘s company, its market share and the associated profit from the effects of negative headlines or events.

At best, there is already a crisis management plan in place – but this is unfortunately only common in large, international enterprises. However, crises often also hit small or medium size companies that have to approach the matter absolutely unprepared.

How can I predict a crisis? Well, that is not easy by nature because there is often a surprising event that plays a key role in a crisis. But what is crucial is the active monitoring of headlines, competition and media voices to be able to react immediately even at the slightest indication.

Which possibilities of media monitoring do I have? In today’s media landscape with all its platforms and networks, manual monitoring has become virtually impossible. Tons of content spread through all channels such as TV, radio, social media and Web-TV every day – all over the world. Keeping track of all these sources of information is essential and media monitoring tools provide an easy solution to keep an eye on them. Depending on your monitoring needs you can choose exactly the channels, sources or casts that you desire. It is possible to monitor at any stage from local to global, from a short period of time to several years or from a bundle of channels to thousands.

How can my company benefit from such a tool? A monitoring tool opens up a variety of possibilities, primarily providing reliable and immediate notification as soon as a topic or keyword that you set appears in the media. You also have the opportunity to observe content with eMM‘s “Waterfall Tool”: How is a topic of interest developing? Is the sentiment negative or positive? Do I have to intervene here? This and much more can help you to take the right steps in a crisis.

I identified the crisis – and now? Communication is everything, too much of it is much better in this case than too little. Determine a competent spokes person and inform all parties involved such as customers, suppliers or employees. Nothing is worse than getting to know bad news from the media or even at last when you‘re affected. Clients and partners will appreciate you taking action and you‘re able to explain the situation from your perspective.

Time is not just money. In case of a crisis it is a crucial factor to keep things under control. Act and communicate in the least possible time with the most possible care.

Updates and news in a crisis should be communicated quickly: if they are of a positive nature, this can help to relax the situation. If there are further negative headlines, you can intervene in the communication chain and represent your point of view.

Give all channels the necessary attention: not only radio and television content are significant for the course of a crisis, in times of shitstorms & Co, Social Media & Web TV should also be under surveillance. Users of such platforms are often particularly hard on the court with negative content and storms of discussions and bad comments develop rapidly – in hindsight this is extremely difficult to balance out again. Apart from that, the social networks or even the video platform Youtube are increasingly being used for official statements by companies and politicians in order to reach a broad audience as quickly as possible.

Important: Take your time and develop a crisis plan for your company in a calm phase. Which tools do I need? What lead time? Is my expertise sufficient or do I need advice from a professional?

Once all these things have been clarified, nothing stands in the way of your success even in crisis situations. Should you have any question or need assistance when picking your monitoring solution, our experienced team is happy to help!