Music Monitoring

Automated solutions help track music files being played worldwide.

Automated Music Tracking

In addition to classic broadcast monitoring, which is primarily focused on observing and tracking news and other spoken content, there are special solutions that monitor and recognize music on radio and television.

Typically, users can access software that tells them when certain pieces of music are being played. This is especially relevant for music managers, producers and creators, as it allows them to track when royalties need to be paid out. However, music monitoring also finds application in other areas; monitoring certain pieces of music in the course of marketing campaign tracking or being able to identify creators behind melodies as a broadcaster offers many benefits. Solutions are as diverse as their use cases. Some providers also deliver automatic reports, relevant market insights, impressive visualizations and even more.

eMedia Monitor is specialized in classical media monitoring and we do not offer music monitoring ourselves. If you are looking for a suitable provider, here are our recommendations:

Music monitoring compared to media monitoring

So, while music monitoring focuses on identifying music tracks throughout media sources, media monitoring automatically filters audiovisual or written content according to keywords set up by users. This way, thousands of outlets worldwide can be searched in the most convenient way delivering exact hits of mentions. Investigating media content offers many advantages for various departments, first and foremost for marketing and PR.

With eMM, users gain understanding of their media presence, what is being reported on them or their competition, the sentiment of information, its dissemination and even more.

If you are interested in monitoring news sources with eMM, click your preferred solution to learn more:

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