• eMM Dart maintains an archive of transcripts from January 2011 onwards. Therefore eMM has the unique possibility of running long-time analysis and statistics.
  • Query visualization – user-friendly interface which facilitates the process of making queries by automatically showing a graphic of what is being specified in your Boolean search profile, hereby making it very easy to generate any kind of requests.
  • The system gives the user feedback on the effectiveness of new profiles and warns the user if queries would generate overwhelming amounts of undesired mentions, thus preventing spam notification.
  • Furthermore, during the process of creating a query which has the potential of generating spam, the system assists the editor by showing a statistic of the amount of hits this profile would have created in the past.
  • Administrative interface for a “super user” to create and manage all your user accounts. The “super user” can create as many users as needed and select the channels which they can access.
  • Detection of duplicate profile hits: this greatly reduces the number of alerts generated, thus reduces the editors’ workload. Segments are broadcast more than once due to the importance of the story, due to re-broadcast by other stations or just because it is an advertisement.
  • Editorial Workflow: the unique eMM Dart workflow which facilitates the concurrent editing of profile results by a team of editors. Functions include:
    • editing a clip
    • writing a short title and a summary/comment
    • annotating each result with sentiment – positive, negative or neutral
    • classifying results into “accepted”, “rejected”, “duplicate” or unedited for effective work of the editors and time-effective management of data
    • the workflow supports concurrent use by multiple users, allowing all editors to see in real time which clips are being edited by whom or have already been completed.
  • Automatic export of edited results to Dropbox: collect all edited clips in one place option to do this automatically weekly on a specific day for a specific topic.
  • Channel Editor: the channel editor makes use of eMM’s proprietary channel database with information collected since 2007, comprising now over 22,000 channels from 108 countries and including information like media type, country, city, ownership (private or public sector).
  • Waterfall results: every profile has a story; when did the mentions occur? How do they compare to the chronological events of other profiles? Editors can witness that with a visualization of all these events developing in parallel at a specific time.


  • Storage of at least 30 days of video/audio material of the original quality it was broadcasted. eMM does not compress video data to save disk space as all our competitors do, therefore only eMM has an archive of native quality (high definition) in which the broadcast was originally broacast.
  • Possibility to download video and audio clips of the desired length with the same quality in which it was transmitted.
  • Interruption-free splicing of clips – eMM Dart reproduces the original quality free of crack or click at artificial segment boundaries (e.g. every minute) providing a smooth disruption-free stream.
  • Low-latency alerts – the system is optimized to process all incoming data as continuous stream, without any artificial segmentation, therefore incoming streams can generate alerts for mentions with a typical delay of 30 seconds.
  • Content Feed – maintaining security by using a dedicated user account to fetch results for use in your own content management system – for all editors including content from all users of one organization.
    • Feeds are available for edited or non-edited results.
    • Feeds include all metadata (channel, broadcast time).
  • Language Model Update – allows users to submit new words and their context to be added to the speech-to-text system.
  • eMM’s products and services are developed in-house, therefore eMM has all the know-how and total control over its system. Only eMM has this deep control of its system, which results in better system performance and availability. That know-how and ownership also allows eMM to offer clients the possibility of adapting product features to their needs.
  • We rely on our own infrastructure on all continents and are still expanding.
  • Streaming of radio sources has inherent issues with regards to availability for new connections, internet routing issues and others. Therefore eMM keeps a list of alternative recording sources for each station and maintains geographically and network-wise separate backup recordings of each streaming radio for best channel availability.