Key Metrics

How does the eMedia Monitor Pegasus System help you to work out quantitative analyses?

The eMM online tool can add great value to your everyday work analyzing content such as news, interviews and more on radio and TV. Below, we collected some of the main advantages when deciding to use the eMM Pegasus system with all it‘s user-friendly tools. It will help you manage the different sources and channels as well as:

  • Study the markets and focus on the activity of looking at the interaction between your business and the media – all with the eMedia Monitor Pegasus tool. This can involve both objective and subjective measures, motivated by different needs.
  • Create the requested analysis with just a few mouse clicks via the eMedia Monitor Pegasus tool.
  • During the process of creating a query which has the potential of generating spam, the system assists the editor by showing statistics of the amount of hits this profile would have created in the past.
  • Waterfall results – every profile has a story. When did the mentions occur? How does it compare to the chronological events of other profiles? Editors can witness that with a visualization of all these events developing in parallel at a specific time.
  • View trends at any time, for any period of time, even for the course of a day.
  • Export audio/video data according to your needs (DVD, SVCD, VCD or send a link via e-mail)
  • Access the original data whenever result assessment is needed

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