Data Cubes for BI

Broadcast Data for Business Intelligence Tools by eMM

  • Combine your company data with broadcast information
  • Indentify the correlations between incidents covered in the global news and internal effects
  • Make better informed decisions
  • Worldwide real-time and historical data available in eight languages
  • Subscription model


At eMedia Monitor we truly understand the importance of bringing valuable content to customers, hence we offer the opportunity to link your internal business data with our tailor-made Data Cubes to exactly recognize movements and correlations in your business. Broadcast content from all over the world provides important information that has a significant influence on global divisions.

Bi by eMM offers data cubes of any industry to add to your preferred BI tool.

These are the nine industry data cubes available, we have split the data using the 9 industries defined by the World Economic Forum breakdown. Customers can import the data of any of our cubes into their own business intelligence software to link internal analytics to worldwide news. This does not only provide you with indispensable information, it also saves time that is usually lost reworking and linking reports from different departments and origins to receive appropriate output.

BI by eMM dashboard

Our unique 10-year monitoring database is the basis of this innovative business intelligence solution. After our metadata has run through different steps like for example semantic processing, we accumulate and prepare the data cubes before making them available to our customers. After that, the data can be used via any standard business intelligence software to create relationships between the different internal data bases (revenue, production, CRM) to provide valuable insights with limitless possibilities.

With the most comprehensive international coverage we are able to successfully support your business cases. Make better informed decisions and reduce the risk of including fake news into your considerations.

Cubes Infographic

Industry Data Cubes for BI by eMM

The Data Cubes for BI are the perfect option to always keep an eye on the influence of business trends, events and their backgrounds on your own business. It gives customers the opportunity to quickly react to changes and helps them understand their correlations.

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