Media Monitoring

Use media monitoring to keep an eye on what is said about your company or any topic of your interest on sources like TV, radio and web TV

  • Thousands of channels from more than 75 countries
  • Monitor media content in real time
  • Observe your own company or your competitors
  • Track specific content or topics of your choice
  • Filter, analyze and edit TV, radio and web TV clips
  • Be able to react and counteract immediately

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For whom broadcast media monitoring is useful

icon PR-Specialist PR Specialist

icon Marketing-Manager Marketing Manager

icon Media-Analyst Media Analyst


The Dart Broadcast Monitoring System by eMM

With the powerful media monitoring platform Dart, eMedia Monitor offers a worldwide broadcast observation solution. Users get access to TV, radio and web TV content from all over the world. More than 3400 channels from 75+ countries are available and these numbers are steadily ongrowing.

Use the monitoring system to create search profiles and track the topics of your choice. You can see the newest clips coming in, analyze and edit them. To make sure you never miss important information, you receive a real-time alert, whenever clips containing your search terms are broadcast.


Choosing eMedia Monitor means choosing

icon Experience Many years of experience

icon Flexible-Partner Reliable service & a dedicated team

icon Reliable-Service A flexible partner

icon Precise-Monitoring Precise media monitoring

Easy handling of floods of broadcast information

The eMedia Monitor online tool makes it so much easier to keep an overview over all the aired content. By Boolean Search you can precisely filter all broadcasted news to find exactly the information you need. Should you need to monitor a specific channel that is currently not in our database, chances are really good we can add it. By the way: flexibility is one of our strengths.

Desktop Illustration

The Dart System

Scroll down to get a first impression of our user interface. Experience incredible worldwide coverage and how it is developing over time. Use the Waterfall Tool to see your latest clips rolling in, watch your search terms turn into stories just seconds after being broadcast.

You have different clients or projects that you don‘t want to mix up? In this case you can create clear profile groups and thereby always keep track. In order to see your latest content sorted by date of publication, simply click “recent clips”. By using the search field you can look for your keywords in our stored content from the last 90 days.

All this and more is combined in the eMM online monitoring solution.

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  • Teamwork Screenshot
  • Teamwork

  • Our unique editorial workflow enables your monitoring team to collaborate efficiently – even if the members of your team are located in different parts of the world.
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  • Waterfall Screenshot
  • Waterfall

  • Take a look at all the latest news concerning your topics of choice at a glance. Clearly sorted by topic and in chronological order with the newest content appearing in real time.
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  • Duplicate-Detection Screenshot
  • Duplicate Detection

  • Coping with duplicates can be quite a challenge when it comes to media monitoring. With the integrated duplicate detection feature eMM has the perfect solution for your project.
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  • Query-Visualization Screenshot
  • Query Visualization

  • You do not need to be an expert in Boolean search to set up new profiles. Our query visualization helps you to view and check even the most complex profiles while creating them.
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