Innovative Technology by eMM

The eMM team works with the most innovative technologies to create incomparable monitoring solutions.

eMM Technology Core

eMM is a technology-driven company. The entire technology used has been developed completely in-house under the direction of Dr. Thomas Netousek. All required equipments to monitor the media worldwide are available on site: from the recordings of audio and video to the processing of data from all monitored channels and to the analysis of the data collected. Together with a team of designated developers, eMM has built a technical environment that completely gets by without outsourcing - which is unique in the industry.

Cutting Edge Technological Capabilities

Our leading technological capabilities are due to:

  • A diverse team composed of people from different areas of study working together holistically. These include developers, technicians, statistical analysts, data scientists and more professionals.
  • The most advanced equipment available on the market: servers, TV boxes, and other. We understand that a company's work equipment makes a significant contribution to its success - that's why we only use the best instruments here.
  • High quality suppliers of server maintenance and servicing of other technical equipment during its lifetime. Our capturing stations for example are usually running for 1.000+ days straight – only interrupted in case of important installations.
  • Continually setting new benchmarks in natural language processing that allow us to introduce technology-based services ahead of our competitors. As a matter of fact we presented real-time analysis of broadcast content back in 2007, wich is a full two years ahead of anybody else in the content-management industry.

eMM Technology at a Glance

Audio processing technologies used by eMM.
Collection Technologies: Audio processing.

Audio segmentation, speech recognition, speaker recognition and speaker clustering are the four main parts of audio processing. They all play a major role in the speech-to-text technology used by eMM. Read on to learn more about the eMM audio processing technology.

Innovative video processing technologies.
Collection Technologies: Video processing.

There is much more to the task of processing video. From a video, additionally to the obvious material, crucial information needs to be extracted via Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and logo detection.

Sentiment and semantic analysis.

A continuous stream of data becomes easier to manage when it is split up into segments. The semantic analysis serves to find boundaries between topics. What also plays a significant role in the communications industry are emotions.

eMM provides realtime information delivery.
Real-Time Information Delivery.

All the steps from segmenting, analyzing and capturing the content run smoothly and at lightning speed in the background, so that eMM is able to provide 24/7 real-time monitoring of TV, radio and other valuable sources with instant alerts.

eMM users also have the possibility to instantly access the transcript, source, and various other information extracted during the monitoring process via the web-based eMM platform,
which offers tools like the auto-playing waterfall, teamwork or query visualization without any installations. Additionally, the clips are available in different qualities such HQ or in, as a premium feature, native quality.

Broadcast channel distribution via satellite, satellite dish or transmission mast.

Efficiently Capturing the Widest Range of Channels

As one of the leading experts in TV and radio monitoring, eMM is able to capture the signals transmitted from multiple existing broadcast distribution channels, namely terrestrial, cable, satellite, and streaming. The distribution channel itself - through which the signal of a media channel is broadcast - may influence the reliability, speed and cost of signal capture. Thanks to years of experience and corresponding know-how, eMM is able to manage these factors and offer its customers the best media monitoring service that exactly meets their requirements. Should you be interested in learning more about this specific topic, do not hesitate to contact our experts by clicking the button below:

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Information flow

How does eMM get the Best out of Technology?

Deep Learning is a machine learning method which uses artificial neuronal networks and forms an extensive internal structure – imitating the data processing of the human brain. A certain data infrastructure is required for proper performance.

eMM is able to provide such by permanently recording the highest number of radio and TV channels in the industry.

To find out more about Deep Learning and how it's used by eMM, click here. To take look at our tool and schedule a free demo, simply click the following button:

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