Marketing & PR: Better Together

Marketing & PR: Better Together

Although marketing and PR are two disciplines that basically pursue a common goal, a very strict dividing line was kept between them until not too long ago. Even today, the division is still present, not only in people’s heads but also in many companies - but slowly, something is happening:

Changes and developments in both marketing and PR have led to a rethink of these disciplines in many parts of the world. In the past, it was common practice to publish press releases yourself on various platforms. Today, this is about as useful as folding a paper airplane out of it and letting the news slip out of the window.

In times where we are flooded with content, news must offer added value for the recipient more than ever. The sheer amount of information that rains down on us every day makes it extremely difficult to stand out from the crowd.

Additionally, consumers tend to obtain information very selectively and avoid involuntary consumption of advertising as much as possible. So how to still get the message delivered without the advertising message flying around the recipient’s ears?

Strategic Content and Influencer Marketing

Something that has been both established and proven in recent years is content marketing. The added value for the recipient is primarily the information itself by being innovative or educational, but it can be cleverly linked to product information or relevant PR messages.

Like content marketing, influencer marketing is relevant for both PR and marketing professionals. While it delivers the benefit of the presentation of products or services to a wide audience online, any positive feedback or mentions can at the same time be used in PR.

Synergies Between Marketing and PR

New technologies and trends applied to the market result in more and more such synergies between the markinting and PR industries – the original dividing line is fading more and more.

The new joint projects also require versatile tools from which both sides can greatly benefit. In addition to content management systems and planning tools, media monitoring platforms deserve special mention.

Effective automated media monitoring platforms offer an overview of everything that is reported about your own company, the industry, the competition or any other relevant buzzwords in the broadcast media – which is of great value for marketing campaigns, communication plans, media relations and much more!

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