Media Monitoring for Content Creators

Media Monitoring for Content Creators

Media monitoring is a popular activity among marketing and PR teams. It makes it possible to select multiple topics of interest and observe their dissemination and development on the media.

This has many benefits such as being aware of the mentions about one’s own company, competitors or the whole industry and, finally, improving communication strategies.

However, media monitoring can be used to boost the work of other professionals in the creative industry as well.

Nowadays, content creators are in high demand by companies of all kinds. Their job is not only to write, film or create images. Content creators follow a whole creative process that is closely related to the company or brand they work for. This is not always an easy task.

A media monitoring solution can support content creators in many ways:

1. Researching, Topic Finding, Staying up to Date

Media monitoring is a way to facilitate the development of new content. Who doesn’t need some inspiration? Monitoring the media on topics of interest can help content creators finding emerging themes.

These can be the focus of the new content and help content creators illustrate the product’s function or the company’s purpose in a new and attractive way. Not to mention that for content creators, finding content gaps is also important. If there is a topic that no one has talked about before – although being relevant – be the first and go for it! It may be what the audience is waiting for.

A content creator will only be able to find these knowledge gaps around a topic if they can observe everything that is being said about that topic. For example: “Media coverage about my industry focuses mostly on sales, but no one talks about the ethical aspects”. Content creators using media monitoring can use it to their advantage and check media outlets worldwide for related content – in real time.

2. Find Collaboration Partners, Connections or Experts

A good way to improve the content’s quality and to make it unique is, for example, to collaborate with experts and opinion leaders such as influencers or journalists who deal with the topic of choice and present it in the media.

This can also improve the visibility and reputation of a brand as it becomes part of the conversation and connects the company to new insights as well as expert knowledge. Additionally, through the cooperation with prominent faces, the content itself also gains significantly in reach.

3. Understand, Improve, Stay at the Top

Finally, but no less important is that media monitoring is a way to measure the success of the work of content creators. Whether the content has been disseminated as planned, how it performed or if the brand has been mentioned are important data that media monitoring can help uncover.

Should the performance not have been convincing, content creators will benefit from having this information at hand to improve their strategy and make new content more useful, entertaining, targeted, or captivating.

eMM Pegasus Online Platform for Content Creators

eMM is a leading technology-driven company in the media monitoring industry. Its customers include media, PR and marketing agencies, international companies, governments and non-governmental entities, among others.

Like other professionals, content creators can also benefit from the online media monitoring platform eMM Pegasus, which has the widest media coverage worldwide. Currently, eMM actively monitors more than 3.400 radio and TV channels, from more than 75 countries and in different languages. If you want to learn more about the eMM services get in touch with our team.


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