Media Planning: How to Profit from Worldwide Media Monitoring Solutions

Media Planning: How to Profit from Worldwide Media Monitoring Solutions

Achieving visibility as well as gaining website traffic are among the top priorities of marketing professionals. To enable these goals, an essential step is needed: the corresponding content must be efficiently disseminated and in such a way that the results of the efforts are quantifiable.

Media planning paired with media monitoring is an unbeatable combination to bring you closer to the success of your communication measures.

What is Media Planning?

Many people would say that media planning is simply the process of determining where and when content is disseminated. But it is not that simple. To properly perform media planning other factors need to be taken into account:

1. Who is the audience you want to reach? The choice of an information source will highly depend on the target group. For example, adults tend to consume traditional broadcasting more often compared to young people.

Also, if the plan is to have your content reach people at specific times of the day, it is important to examine the consumption habits of citizens. According to the reports, for example, adults prefer to listen to the radio in the morning on their way to work.

2. What is the message you want to disseminate? Depending on the objective, you should work carefully on the main idea of the content. For example, if you want to sell a product convincingly, you should question what people need or want to know in order to buy your product.

Also, if the goal is gaining brand recognition, a catchy message is needed to stick to consumer’s minds. That way, you can make people remember the brand long after they’ve consumed your content.

3. How is content delivered? Here again data and facts are important to make a clever decision. Where do visitors to your website or product page come from mostly? To what extent do they interact with written or multimedia content?

By looking at your website’s performance metrics you will find the answers to these questions which will help you decide whether to disseminate your message via traditional media, digital press or social networks, for example.

Media Planning Put in Practice

There is a wide range of media planning tools, of which some use spreadsheets and allow managing, reviewing and approving content as well as creating market inventories and making evaluations for each of them.

Such tools can be very helpful. However, to effectively perform media planning it is essential to be able to observe the whole media landscape to make sure the decisions taken correspond to reality.

This is where media monitoring solutions come into play.

Effective Media Planning Using Media Monitoring

The implementation of media monitoring is a strategy that allows fact-based media planning. It is the process of tracking content disseminated via broadcast, digital or print sources.

By monitoring the media, content of countless channels and languages can be observed and analyzed. The outcomes of media monitoring will enhance future media planning by making it possible to obtain the following insights:

  • How many times was a topic mentioned on the media?
  • How did it originate and develop exactly?
  • Which channels tend to mention specific industry?
  • How does the brand relevance differ from country to country?

Besides, an additional benefit arises from solutions being able to track content in real-time.

benefits from media planning

eMM Pegasus – The Most Comprehensive Media Monitoring Solution Worldwide

Supplementary to 24/7 real-time media monitoring, the solutions of the leading technology provider eMedia Monitor also come with sentiment analysis. Customers do not only get the number of mentions but are also able to understand whether they are taken in a positive, negative or neutral way.

Compared to other media monitoring solutions, eMM has the widest broadcast media coverage worldwide. Currently, 3,400 broadcast channels in 75 countries and several languages are actively being monitored. However, the data base contains more than 22,000 channels.

Additionally, eMM provides unlimited coverage of web TV, podcasts and web text sources according to the needs of the client.

eMM Pegasus Features

Among the advantages of using the cloud-based eMM Pegasus media monitoring platform is the inclusion of a range of clever features created to facilitate the work of marketing and PR staff.

The Teamwork feature, for example, makes working in teams more effective by preventing employees from doing double work. This is obviously an advantage whether you are using media monitoring to improve media planning or for other purposes such as PR or research.

Achieving Effective Media Planning

To go forward it is necessary to move. Start by checking our full range of media monitoring solutions that will help improving your media planning process. They include the eMM Pegasus Platform, Ad Campaign Monitoring and Data Cubes for Business Intelligence Tools.

Furthermore, you can request a free personalized demo and learn how your business can benefit from our services.

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