eMM Teamwork: Boosting Collaborative Media Monitoring

eMM Teamwork: Boosting Collaborative Media Monitoring

Large companies doing broadcast monitoring have a challenge. With so many employees and so much content to be monitored, how can tasks be easily assigned to each team member while making sure that no double work is done and no chaos is created?

In order to work efficiently in a team while doing broadcast monitoring activities, employees could constantly communicate but while doing so, a lot of time needed for other tasks is being lost. The best solution is to take advantage of the technology by using an intelligent media monitoring service that synchronizes their work – like eMM does!

The eMM Teamwork feature is unique in the media monitoring industry: it allows all team members using the eMM Pegasus platform for their media monitoring tasks to work simultaneously. Besides, the team members can be located in the same building or in different places, even in different countries.

Using the eMM media monitoring service with the integrated Teamwork feature is a gain for all. Team members are able to save time as they focus solely on specific tasks. Besides, it is beneficial to know what others are currently working on because that, too, can improve the editorial workflow. CEOs and CIOs are also able to save resources as they just need to acquire one license that can be used by all the team members.

Multiple Editors Working on the Same Projects

Thanks to the clever eMM Teamwork feature all professionals involved in broadcast monitoring within a company are able to access and share the same list of clips. This list contains all the broadcast clips containing the terms selected by the business and that have been detected in a specific period of time.

eMM’s editorial workflow uses a clear and user-friendly interface with different colors, which makes it intuitive to use and facilitates the task of broadcast monitoring. Besides, it allows grouping media content items by date and time, which improves the workflow. Additionally, it integrates a button to jump immediately to the next unedited clip.

The Edited section enables the possibility to see the progresses made concerning the company’s media monitoring tasks: the whole team can see all the clips that have already been edited and finalized by any member.

Editing Progress and Work Updates in Real Time

In order to facilitate broadcast monitoring and make it easy to work on the same content at the same time, clips that have been selected by any team member appear in yellow. Besides, a clip can be blocked – it will then appear in gray – so nobody can edit it again until it is finalized by the other team member or another clip is selected.

Workflow notifications are not all the Teamwork feature offers. The editorial workflow has many functions. For example, it allows creating a clip by selecting the start and the end point, adding a headline and a description as well as assigning a sentiment to the content and download it.

Team members can save their work after the edition and the clip automatically appears marked green in the shared list, where the rest of the team can see that it has already been edited. This way, each broadcast monitoring team member is constantly aware of the current workflow.

If you would like to improve your media monitoring efforts, your team’s editorial workflow, or if you simply want to integrate the best media monitoring service into your business contact us and a member of our team will arrange a demo for you. eMM is the leading media monitoring provider with the widest coverage of media channels worldwide including broadcast TV, radio, online news, podcasts and web TV.

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