Media Analyst

The key principles of management are accountability, measurability and evaluation. Objective methods are required that deliver a credible proof of results and Return on Investment (ROI) to the management, especially when negotiating budget goals.

Media analysis is widely used nowadays, but it is often subjective and without research lacking substance. But how do you measure PR activities if everyone has a different opinion on how PR should be measured?

Media monitoring is no longer a question of “why”, the real question is “how”. While there are still a few PR professionals who do not see the importance of media analysis, eMM‘s worldwide unique system helps you to view media coverage with objectivity and reliability.

With eMM you can keep track of what is said about your company, your field of operations, your competitors, or other specified topics of interest. Create alerts for your brand, your industry, your company, your name or your competitors, and be informed in real time about any mentions on radio, TV and web-TV.

  • A unique, fully automated system for world-wide coverage in many languages
  • User interface in English, Spanish, Arabic, French and German
  • Easy to export audio and video clips, graphics and tables
  • High quality videos to impress your boss and customers
  • Automated e-mail alerts in real time
  • A rolling 30 day archive is available
  • Easy workflow integration (optional)
  • Time zone support – all broadcast times are shown in your time zone
  • Comprehensive User Guide
  • Helpful support with a guaranteed service level
  • Powerful query language allows you to tailor your alerts to your needs
  • eMM starter package arranges your set-up in a matter of minutes
  • A dedicated account manager helps you to make the most out of your eMM monitoring tool
  • Reliable information for your media analysis

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