Pursuing Business Innovation: Discover the Media Data Cubes for Business Intelligence

Pursuing Business Innovation: Discover the Media Data Cubes for Business Intelligence

Digital transformation is one of the most important factors in the global market today. Concerning data consumption, digital information has become the fuel of almost every business, from sales to marketing departments or customer satisfaction. Besides, there is also a rising trend towards automating data production and usage, with positive prospects of expanding into many more areas through the enhancement and integration of AI-powered tools.

Acknowledging the trend towards digitalization and datification is essential. eMedia Monitor understands the importance of bringing valuable data and insights to our customers. This is why the leading technology-driven company in the media monitoring sector has developed Data Cubes for Business Intelligence.

With this advanced business intelligence solution, it is possible to connect a company’s internal data with our industry data cubes fueled with external media coverage information – from over 3,400 channels from 75 countries and in many different languages.

The integration of the broadcast data cubes into any common BI tool allows to explore relationships between the data sets and create valuable insights for the company.

Intelligent solutions for Clever Businesses

The eMM Data Cubes for Business Intelligence helps customers to better understand their impact, revenue changes and business developments. A good example would be the correlation between regional or international events and the influence on the company’s sales.

With the eMM Data Cubes for business intelligence tools users are able to compare relationships between different external and internal data and integrate the conclusions into reports for better informed decisions in the future.

The eMM Data Cubes for Business Intelligence are available for all nine industries defined by the World Economic Forum: Energy, infrastructure, healthcare, just to name a few. All of them have a significant influence on global divisions. The Data Cubes for Business Intelligence represent the most reliable broadcast media data source available.

eMM customers using the Data Cubes for Business Intelligence benefit from:

  • Monitoring their own company operations
  • Observing specific industries, competitors and brands
  • Analyzing data, making comparisons over time, and obtaining updated graphs
  • Being able to take better business decisions based on facts

eMM Data Cubes for Business Intelligence uses the power of the eMM Pegasus media monitoring platform, which has the widest media coverage worldwide and delivers results in real time. With powerful analytics, eMM homogenizes broadcast data to be processed by your given BI tool to deliver valuable insights and increase scalability. Contact the eMM Team and schedule a demo if you would like to experience the power of the eMM BI solutions.

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