Business Innovation? Business Intelligence!

Business Innovation? Business Intelligence!

At eMedia Monitor we understand the importance of bringing valuable content to our customers. This is why we decided to develop a business tool that is able to build relationships between your internal data and our external data-cubes to create valuable insights.

Everyday business transforms more and more into the digital world, the same applies for data consumption. Customers receive data in many different ways that didn‘t even exist a few years ago and also their data production is changing a lot into a more automated direction. Acknowledging these trends was the first step to create our business intelligence solution. It helps users to better understand their impact, revenues and data movements. A good example would be the correlation between direct marketing and organic mentions. With the eMM data-cubes you can comprehend the movements between these factors and include the background information in your conclusion.

Our BI solution is working with industry data-cubes, which represent the most reliable media data source available. Using the eMM business intelligence solution you would have the following benefits:

  • Reducing the risk of using fake news

  • Monitoring specific industries, competitors and brands.

  • Monitoring own operations.

  • Being able to make decisions more fact based.

The business intelligence data-cubes contain information broadcasted on worldwide TV and Radio. Get access to reliable information from over 3,400 channels from 70 countries. With powerful analytics and data mining we homogenize our realtime data and archived information.

Stay tuned, the eMM data-cubes will be available soon!

For more information contact sales@emediamonitor.net