eMM Exporting Options: Easily Report & Share Media Content and Insights From Media Monitoring

eMM Exporting Options: Easily Report & Share Media Content and Insights From Media Monitoring

Media monitoring goes way beyond writing search queries and visualizing incoming media content. Analyzing and communicating the results are also an essential step turning findings into very valuable insights for companies.

We understand that receiving highly accurate and relevant broadcast results is only the first stage of the process, which is why, at eMedia Monitor (eMM), special attention is paid to the provision of various export options so that the mentions discovered can be conveniently used in as many different ways as possible.

Whether you are a private client or a PR agency managing the reputation of various brands, the ability to share the results in the form of reports, presentations, document files etc. is fundamental to carry out your daily media monitoring tasks.

We are well aware that each company is unique, and so are their needs. Therefore, we are constantly driven by innovation and development of our platform to always go one step beyond market standards, offering everything that facilitates and streamlines our clients’ work.

The eMM Dart platform has several exporting and reporting options that make everyday media monitoring faster and easier:

  • Download all the information of your recent or edited clips in xlsx format.
  • Download the metadata of any clip in docx format.
  • Get the edited transcripts of the clips in html or json format.
  • Download a qualitative analysis of the clips with impressive reporting graphs in pptx format ready to share or to combine with internal reports.
  • A Dart RSS feed is available, as well as the option to import the data into your own environment via API.

Our content delivery options cover almost every use case for daily media monitoring. However, we recognize that there sometimes will be clients who may need more specific export or reporting requirements. At eMM, we always have the flexibility to adapt our offer to specific customers’ wishes as and when required.

In cases where the sharing or further use of media content such as TV or Radio clips is required, we are able to offer a worry free solution via the brand new CL-Hub (content licensing hub).

If you would like to learn more about our media monitoring solution or get a free demo from one of our experts to experience the platform for yourself, contact us here:


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