Media Monitoring, the Secret Weapon Making Event Management Success Measurable

Media Monitoring, the Secret Weapon Making Event Management Success Measurable

Corporate events, congresses, trade fairs, sporting events or festivals, they all have one thing in common: event managers who are faced with a multitude of challenges that need to be mastered in order to make the event a complete success. Depending on the planning phase, different aspects come into their focus.

While the pre-event phase is clearly concerned with planning and the focus during the event is on smooth implementation, the post-event phase is all about follow-up and evaluation.

In addition to customer contacts, on-site experiences, and immediately noticeable results such as revenues, sales, or bookings, public events also receive media coverage.

Media Coverage of Events

Usually, the upcoming event is publicized in advance by means of press releases, event communications or targeted messages to the media. Optimally, a certain momentum develops from the interest of many people in an event; the media pick up on the event and report on it.

However, finding the reports afterwards is a time-consuming task and it is almost impossible to make sure all contributions were actually found. Manual review, evaluation and analysis of event communications are also not particularly economical when carried out this way.

Automated Media Monitoring

Media monitoring solutions are much more efficient here: Determine duration, select channels, set up profiles and go! The innovative tools monitor all relevant media fully automatically, 24/7, and thus provide a detailed overview of all posts, which can be viewed in real time and converted into insightful visualizations via mouse click.

Ideally, monitoring begins shortly before the official start of all communication measures in the run-up to an event. This way, it can be made sure that all measures are being recorded.

Flexible plans can be paused, extended or adjusted in terms of station selection at any time. The minimum booking period is only one month, making solutions like this suitable for a wide variety of events.

Insights that media monitoring provides include:

  • How the event is communicated in advance
  • Who picks up the topic
  • When the coverage peaks and when it dies down
  • Highlights of the event
  • Criticism

All of these findings can be integrated into post-event reporting, used for communication measures as well as for strategy optimization and, last but not least, serve as a basis for the next event.

With Media monitoring, you always have an eye on the coverage of your event - before, during and after. This way, your next event has what it takes to become a success!

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