Go International: How to Boost Your Expansion with Media Monitoring

Go International: How to Boost Your Expansion with Media Monitoring

For international companies or those who would like to become one, the focus is often directed to one thing in particular: growth.

Expansion in the sense of entering new, foreign sales markets is especially attractive for businesses, because it opens up completely new and promising entrepreneurial opportunities.

In the preparatory phase of any expansion, there is no getting around a market and competitor analysis. Which competitors do I have to compete with in the new region? How are similar products or services communicated and advertised? What do consumers think of the industry and how is that reported? How should the current economic situation be assessed?

Valuable Media Information

Here, reliable data is needed to make informed decisions and build the expansion on a solid foundation. In addition to company databases, industry trade shows, statistics and web research, one thing in particular can provide unexpectedly valuable insights: Media monitoring.

Media reflect the economic and political situation of a region as well as customer opinions, advertising landscape, trends, competitors‘ actions and much more. Information that is otherwise difficult to obtain can be generated fully automatically with the help of user-friendly media monitoring tools.

Using keyword searches, the selected media are filtered 24/7 and all relevant content is made available in real time. Besides, integrated analysis tools allow users to see at a glance in which direction things are going in the region and help them evaluate their individual situation.

The Right Partner

International media monitoring providers, who offer a large selection of available countries, media types and channels are thus allowing an in-depth understanding of individual foreign regions as well as comparisons between several ones. eMedia Monitor not only offers individually compiled packages, but also ready-made Country Packages, which are particularly economically efficient and can be booked at short notice.

Get started and explore new regions for your specific business case! Let our experts advise you on media monitoring and learn more about how eMM can support you reaching your goals. Click the link to schedule a free demo:

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