To be able to efficiently work on monitoring projects as a team, it is essential for every team member to always be up to date on what everybody else is working on.

The proven “Editorial Workflow” feature by eMM offers a clear user interface, which is quickly explained and intuitive to use. Whole teams are able to work with the eMM monitoring platform simultaneously – no matter, if they work in the same building or from different places all over the world. As soon as one member of the monitoring team opens a hit it gets marked and blocked for all others.

When using monitoring tools that do not offer a workflow feature, there is always a risk that the same task will be performed in parallel by several team members – which costs valuable time and resources.

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The eMM platform guarantees that all team members know what the others are currently working on. This makes monitoring tasks much more effective and economical.

Advantages of the eMM “Editorial Workflow” feature are:

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