Native-Quality Clips

eMM is the only media monitoring provider worldwide to deliver customers any playback of TV channels in “native-quality” – that is the reproduction of a previously recorded clip exactly as broadcast by the broadcaster.

Advantages of recording native-quality video:

  • Native-quality clips produce better results from image analysis software – which eMM uses for logo detection and on-screen Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and also for keyframe identification, shotcut and text detection.

  • Make your customers get the best impression of you by showing them a native-quality video – that means a crisp, clear image quality in which details such as sponsor logos, for example, are also visible.

  • Providing customers with native-quality clips of TV channels is a way to improve your company’s reputation. Your customers get the highest quality videos possible and, thus, can extract as much information as possible from them compared to their competitors.

  • Videos we play on a daily basis differ in aspects such as the device and the video production process. While eMM cannot influence the screen resolution of the device where it is played, we do make sure that the device gets the full potential of pixels available from the original clip to work with. A higher resolution will result in more detail and better image output quality.

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Comparison of different resolutions on screen

Advantages of Better Video Quality

As a leading technology-driven company in the media monitoring industry, eMM is constantly investing in the additional hardware needed to accomplish this milestone and to redefine the industry standards by putting native-quality video at customers' fingertips. Compared to the current state of the art, eMM offers much higher image quality – full HD 1080p against 720p and 480p.

Different resolutions and clip qualities

In addition, all our hardware is designed for recording 4K TV channels – if you are interested in monitoring any 4K channel, please, contact our team to see how we can adapt to your needs.

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