Once Upon a Time: How to Track Down Broadcast Content from the Past

Once Upon a Time: How to Track Down Broadcast Content from the Past

Real-time media monitoring has by now established as a reliable and immediate source of information. Thanks to technically advanced solutions, users can utilize previously set up search queries to observe live results or rely on e-mail notifications whenever new content of interest airs.

Findings can then be played, edited or shared according to users’ needs. That all applies for active search queries but what to do if content from the past is needed for which no profiles have been set up?

The Challenge of Accessing Information From the Past

Many media monitoring providers offer real-time services and results are being generated from the moment of profile creation onwards. The downside here is that any content that aired before saving the search queries can not be found and is therefore not part of any analysis.

In today’s data-driven business landscape though, some business decisions or incidents need background information from the past, for example, to fully understand how a situation developed or how it escalated. While there is a clear market need to react on ad hoc requests, it is difficult to find a tool that offers media data from the past.

Tracking Previously Aired Content

In order to meet customers’ needs, eMedia Monitor offers a solution that allows accessing content from back in the past. Users can access information from the last 30 days with the option to extend the archive up to 90 full days!

By enabling eMM users to access information from up to 90 days back, customers have a lot more flexibility as well as content at hand than users of other services.

The eMM platform depicts the optimal combination of real-time content with all its benefits for swift actions as well as timely responses to recent news and the insights offered by the archive. Valuable tools such as Analytics, Waterfall or the Media Editor help turn information into insights with several options to export the findings.

If you, too, aim for a flexible broadcast media monitoring solution allowing you to access content from the past, get in touch with one of our experts now!

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