Realtime broadcast monitoring made easy

Realtime broadcast monitoring made easy

For companies that are planning to go international or have clients who want to go abroad with their offices, monitoring the current situation might make the big difference.

TV and Radio are among the most reliable sources for researching economics and politics, which deliver information that should not be underestimated when considering to go abroad for business. But keeping an overview of so much content is not always the easiest thing to do – as long as no analysis tool is being used. By using a broadcast monitoring system finding, editing and analyzing interviews, insights, and other relevant broadcast clips becomes a breeze compared to manual monitoring. Online tools reduce the workload to a minimum and at the same time maximize results.

Especially PR agencies working with international clients will be well aware of the struggle that comes with the necessity of being able to react immediately when news about their customers appear. The best solution in these cases clearly is to use a monitoring tool with real-time alerting. As soon as news roll in, users get a notification and have instant access to the content – which makes it much easier to influence the movement of these tidings. The same of course applies for inhouse PR teams and any other departments that need reliable realtime information. They can all profit immensely by using an online broadcast monitoring system.

With the eMedia Monitor online tool it is not only possible to monitor current news from all over the world but also to take a look at the last 90 days of aired content. While the waterfall tool shows the newest results rolling in in realtime, terms of choice can simply be entered in the search box and results from the last 90 days are being delivered. These are only two of the many features eMM offers that make global broadcast monitoring easier as ever before.

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