Real-time Broadcast Monitoring Made Easy

Real-time Broadcast Monitoring Made Easy

Back in the 16th century, scientist and philosopher Sir Francis Bacon stated that “knowledge is power”. While much has changed since then, his quote could not reflect our current society’s mindset any better. On an individual level, we feel the need to be constantly on top of the news but it is especially in business where immediate knowledge can make all the difference.

Among others, international corporations can directly be affected by political, social and economic issues. After a recent terrorist attack in the Middle East shook the world, multinational clothing giant Inditex promptly reacted to the news by closing all its stores in the region until further notice. Many other international retailers have followed their example since.

The same need for instant information this example underlines, applies to local companies, which can also be affected by unforeseen situations. For example, a sudden crisis that affects a brand and can cause sales to drop across the country or damage its image. Here, too, time is a critical factor and action should be taken as soon as possible – which can only be done if the issue is detected and analysed timely. When it comes to the preferable source of information, reports are clear: TV and radio are still the most reliable ones, especially when it comes to crisis. They provide verified, up-to-date information that far surpasses social networks in terms of trustworthiness.

Manual Media Monitoring

Traditionally, manual media monitoring has served to keep track of broadcast news and gather knowledge about any topic of interest. For that, a single analyst or a team would follow live or recorded news, collect and analyze any relevant mentions.

But manually tracking the news has some obvious limitations: especially when it comes to following live news, each analyst can only watch or listen to a single program at a time. Thus, important mentions can easily be missed.

Benefiting from Automated Media Monitoring

Fortunately, current technologies such as NLP (Natural Lanaguage Processing) and speech-to-text have paved the way for efficient automated media monitoring solutions. These tools automatically search, identify and collect news mentions 24/7, as they happen.

Using the eMM media monitoring solution, clients are able to smoothly monitor thousands of channels worldwide in real time: They can set up profiles including the topics of interest, activate real-time platform and/or e-mail alerts, watch or listen to each result as soon as a notification is received and even more. Detected results can be edited, saved, downloaded and shared.

Compared to manual media monitoring, automated tools not only reduce the workload of analysts to a minimum, they also maximize results. eMM has developed a whole range of features for analytics and reporting that allows users to visualize the monitoring results and detect relevant insights.

These are only a few of the many features the eMM platform offers that make real-time broadcast monitoring easier than ever before. eMM customers also benefit from direct content searches, a data archive going back to up to 90 days, and much more. Get in touch with one of our experts to schedule your free demo!

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