Transcript Editor

All results of the eMM media monitoring solution come with a reliable transcript in the according language. The premium feature Transcript Editor allows users to edit time-tagged text and maintain time alignments while editing.

Advantages of the Transcript Editor:

  • Transcripts can directly be adapted
  • Speakers can be entered and assigned to the according part of the transcript
  • Notes can be added for every segment
  • Changes can be marked within the transcript
  • Intuitive and user friendly interface
  • Choose between the export options HTML and json
The Intuitive eMM Transcript Editor Interface

How does the Transcript Editor Work?

Simply create a clip by setting the start and end for your chosen piece of content and save your changes. You can then choose "edit transcript" in the menu, which leads you to an intuitive interface. A miniature of your clip will be visible while you see the segmented transcript on your screen. Every word is tagged with a time stamp to make sure that the correct segment is highlighted, even when you scroll back and forth within the time bar. Click the animation below to get a first glimpse:

The eMM Transcript Editor

More highlights of the eMM Transcript Editor:

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