Working with the eMM Monitoring Platform
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Create unlimited personalized monitoring profiles and profile groups to keep your results well structured. Use the many valuable eMM features such as Waterfall, Editorial Workflow or Duplicate Detection to get the best results from your search. Boolean operators and our unique visualization let you narrow down the results to deliver you exactly the clips you need for your project.

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Create overviews and statistic via “Trends” or “Coverage” to see how your search terms correlate. Directly share results with your team or analyze and edit your clips directly via the integrated Clip Editor. Media monitoring not only enables you to analyze your reputation and your public appearance, it makes PR measurable.

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The monitoring process starts in the moment you set up your profiles and profile groups. All new hits will be shown in chronological order and collected over time in “my clips” directly on the eMM platform. This way, you can investigate how a topic changed and developed over time and understand how certain events emerged.

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Because eMM offers a cloud-based platform there is no need for investing in hardware. Save time and money with an outsourced solution that replaces your complete capturing infrastructure. Fully automated monitoring as provided by eMM is the most efficient way to track what is being said about your company, competitors or other topics of your choice in the media – without wasting human resources and yet with the most reliable results.

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Broadcast Monitoring