What makes the eMM platform the best media monitoring solution of the industry is not only the fact that it offers the widest channel coverage worldwide as well as valuable features. Dart has been created keeping the needs of our clients in mind to faciliate their tasks.

For example, when working with big amounts of media content and mentions in your monitoring platform then content organization, information accessibility and clip visualization are of great importance. To help managing this information flow, eMM has integrated the clever Waterfall feature into its media monitoring system.

This eMM feature is unique in the industry: It synchronously displays the information about your chosen topics in real-time, only seconds after being broadcast on the media. Additionally, it delivers an overview of all your incoming profile hits on one single screen. Thanks to the Waterfall you can watch how your topics develop; the most current ones will always appear on the very top, clustered by your profiles.

Benefit from all the advantages of the eMM Waterfall:

  • Get an overview of all your monitored topics at a glance
  • Immediately recognize the latest news
  • Observe how your hits develop
  • Chronologically arranged profile hits
  • Separated profiles and profile groups
  • Get the bigger picture: trace back how your headlines emerged
  • Auto-play of your clips, optimized for control rooms with multiple screens.

To learn more about the eMM Dart Features and take a look at the innovative media monitoring tool book your free demo here.

Waterfall Monitor

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