Media Intelligence Solutions by eMM

The eMM source portfolio: TV, radio, web TV, podcasts and social TV.

Real-Time Media Insights

Our Media Intelligence solutions are based on monitoring the world's most extensive broadcast channel coverage in real time: more than 3,400 radio and TV stations complimented by a comprehensive range of websites, press, podcasts, web- and social TV lead to a holistic understanding of media events, serving business cases in the most diverse areas. Internationally renowned players from PR, marketing and government rely on our user-friendly platform, which analyses and visualizes the content of all sources as required. It allows users to drill down and review content or edit it for further use.

The application areas of the eMM Media Intelligence solutions are diverse:

Stay ahead of the competition with the eMM media monitoring platform that offers the most comprehensive global broadcast coverage:

eMM offers the widest range of broadcast channels available: more than 75 countries woldwide.

eMM Pegasus: The Only Media Monitoring Platform You Need

Every business case has different requirements and thus needs a solution that adapts to individual needs. eMM Pegasus does just that: the user interface can be created using workspaces and widgets in such a way that it optimally supports the workflow. For a quick and easy start, we have set up default workspaces that have everything needed for efficient media monitoring.

  • Recent Clips show the newest monitoring results sorted according their actuality
  • Edited Clips show all modified clips
  • Coverage lets users investigate chosen profiles by turning them into insightful charts or tables
  • Go To leads to a desired program via EPG (wherever available)
  • Waterfall shows all the news as they are rolling in on one screen: in real time and grouped by profiles
  • Manage administers profiles, channel groups and notification schedules
  • Search quickly delivers results for chosen keywords
  • Analytics transform the collected data into insightful reports that can be exported and personalized
  • Editorial Workflow improves teamwork and provides clever editing tools

Leading companies and institutions worldwide rely on the AI-based eMM platform with its many valuable features.

VW Airbus European Central Bank European Commission Cision Ubermetrics

Almost Magic: Fully Automated Media Monitoring

All it takes to reveal the content of your interest is a search profile that can easily be set up using keywords connected via Boolean operators. The monitoring process starts as soon as a profile is saved and delivers 90 second-long clips for each profile hit which can immediately be accessed via the platform. For more sophisticated searches, eMM has introduced a one-of-a-kind solution: The so-called Super Profiles are able to create longer clips entailing several keyword hits.

Local or Global Broadcast Monitoring: The Best Choice is Always eMM

Choosing eMedia Monitor means choosing 24/7 real-time TV, radio and web TV monitoring with the lowest latency and highest quality within the media monitoring industry.

Besides all 210 DMAs, the eMM online monitoring tool offers more than 3,400 channels from countries all over the world.

eMM offers local as well as global coverage, long-term contracts and event-based media monitoring, country packages as well as individual solutions.
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