eMM Product Updates: Introducing AI-Based Summaries and Sentiment Analysis

eMM Product Updates: Introducing AI-Based Summaries and Sentiment Analysis

eMedia Monitor (eMM) has once again positioned itself as an innovation leader in the media monitoring industry. The eMM team has developed an AI-based media content analysis tool that provides the user with a title and summary of the information broadcast as well as the sentiment of it in near real time.

The endless flow of information to which consumers are exposed on a daily basis is constantly increasing and is triggered by the unprecedented variety of media available. PR and communication professionals are actively working to adapt their processes to this challenging media landscape not to miss any relevant information about their brands, the industry or the competition.

With eMM’s new Auto Summary feature, companies or agencies can:

  • Get all the relevant insights and highlights extracted from large volumes of media information in near real time – approximately 20 sec after the detection.
  • Turn a manual job that would take a team of people hours or even days into a fully automated process – Auto Summary even works when the office is asleep!
  • Save time, resources and money which can be used for other processes that require more human intervention, such as strategic decision-making.

Global Content Insights in Your Own Language

eMM uses advanced AI models to develop its new Auto Summary feature. This not only allows audio to be processed into text and then analyzed, but also to write the title and the summary in any language.

With Auto Summary, professionals can monitor international media content from anywhere in the world - in any language - and receive detailed, high-quality summaries translated into a language they actually understand. This opens up a wide range of possibilities, e.g. for analysing the industry and competition of international players or for companies wishing to expand abroad.

Full Understanding of a Topic

In the quest for innovation in media monitoring, the eMM team also developed a new and innovative type of search profile. The so-called Super Profiles are an alternative to individual keyword search profiles which capture entire topics including multiple keywords such as the client’s company name and relevant topics in relation to them.

Auto Summary uses the results of Super Profiles – longer clips with full mentions, such as a segment of a TV show where a brand is mentioned several times – and, thus, enhances the knowledge gained and boosts your media monitoring projects.

In addition, the Auto Summary feature is perfectly integrated into eMM Dart’s popular Editorial workspace, giving professionals the possibility to re-edit any output already worked on. For example, to adapt the start and end of a clip or to modify the summary or the sentiment if needed.

All in all, Auto Summary is a powerful tool that takes media monitoring to the next level. If you look to streamline the media monitoring process in your company while increasing effectiveness and reducing costs, don’t wait any longer and contact an eMM expert to experience the Auto Summary feature and Super Profiles for yourself!


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