eMM Worldwide: Broadcast Monitoring Gains Popularity in the MENA Region

eMM Worldwide: Broadcast Monitoring Gains Popularity in the MENA Region

eMedia Monitor has seen a rapidly growing demand for media monitoring services in the countries of the Middles East and North Africa. From Saudi Arabia or Qatar to the UAE or Yemen, a clear trend towards automated broadcast media monitoring is visible. In order to meet the customers’ needs, eMM is constantly working to develop the widest coverage of media channels in the region.

eMM is the leading 24/7 real-time TV and radio monitoring provider worldwide with the largest range of channels compared to any competitor (more than 3,400 broadcast channels actively monitored in 2021) and has achieved to be one of the most recognized media monitoring companies within the MENA region.

Best Media Monitoring Services in the MENA Region

There are many reasons why businesses in the MENA region are choosing eMM to monitor the media:

  1. eMM has a holistic approach to media monitoring. Currently, broadcast TV and radio channels as well as online news and web TV are covered in 20 countries within the MENA region(2021). Together with podcasts and social media this results in the most comprehensive overview of media content.

  2. Many different lanuages are spoken in the MENA region, just like in regional media. Thanks to the in-house developed technology, eMM enables reliable speech-to-text recognition in multiple languages including Arabic, English, Farsi, French, and Turkish.
  3. Customers range from public authorities and international institutions to PR agencies and media monitoring companies. The eMM Pegasus is a B2B oriented media monitoring platform and represents the best solution for every need.
  4. eMM offers tailored plans according to the needs of each business. Thus, clients get the exact media monitoring solutions they need while saving valuable time and resources.

Benefit from global media monitoring with eMM

The benefits of using the eMM Pegasus platform are not limited to the MENA region. eMM has a global reach. Wherever customers are located, they can monitor media content globally and receive real-time alerts, 24/7, whenever a topic of their interest appears on any channel.

With the eMM solution users are aware of anything that happens in any part of the world they choose to look at and stay on top of their industry. The online eMM Pegasus platform enables the power of automatic media monitoring with a user-friendly interface and removes the need to have a third-party monitoring the content for you.

Besides, the eMedia Monitor tool comes with a range of valuable features like Teamwork, Waterfall, and Duplicate Detection that turn any media monitoring task into a breeze.

Stay informed about everything that is being said about your company, your competiton or any field of your interest in the broadcast media with eMM. If you would like to find out more about eMM’s services, please, leave us a message and we will contact you soon.


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