How to Grow a Business with Media Monitoring

How to Grow a Business with Media Monitoring

Media monitoring is the process of searching, collecting and analyzing information from various media sources including broadcast and digital media. It works with search profiles containing relevant keywords that are then tracked in the media – usually in real time. Every time there is a match, the system collects the mention and alerts the user, who can review the content.

Whether for a new or an established company, media monitoring is a valuable tool that can help growing a business in different ways. Here is how:

1. Competitor Analysis

Media monitoring allows tracking any company or brand, including competitors. Knowing what the others are doing ultimately helps finding niches in the industry or differentiating oneself from the rest.

2. Content Strategy

What is a relevant topic or issue in the industry? What has not been discussed yet? Being able to identify the main stories in the sector can better inform a content and communications strategy. This way it is easier to know which topics are of interest to the target audience.

3. Brand Reputation

Monitoring a company’s reputation and credibility is essential to building and strengthening consumer trust. This can be achieved by tracking what is being said about a brand in both traditional media as well as in digital media including comments by content creators and consumers. These comments, which are to be tagged as earned media, can be turned into clever campaigns.

4. Industry Insights

Media monitoring can help staying up to date with industry trends, emerging opportunities and relevant events or activities in the sector. This information can be later turned into relevant insights to guide the strategy.

5. Campaign Evaluation

Measurement and evaluation are as important as any other step in the development of an effective marketing campaign. Media monitoring helps to track the performance of each advertising campaign: how many times did it appear? Was it shown during prime time? Answers to such questions can help ensure the effectiveness of current and future actions.

6. Crisis Management

Perhaps one of the most common uses of media monitoring is to get real-time alerts about potential crisis-inducing issues. In any company, but especially for PR, being aware of any negative news concerning a business is essential to be able to respond promptly and mitigate the damage.

All in all, a media monitoring solution can provide valuable insights that help making well-informed decisions. It is a helping hand to staying competitive in today’s quickly changing market.

Monitor the Media With eMM

With more than 15 years of experience, eMedia Monitor is a well-established company in the media monitoring sector with expertise in broadcast media second to none.

We offer integral real-time media monitoring from more than 3.400 radio and TV channels worldwide. Additionally, users can keep an eye on mentions in print, online press, web TV, podcast, and social TV sources such as YouTube.

Our solution is as flexible as the needs of our clients. eMM offers media monitoring in multiple languages as well as many helpful features to improve media monitoring tasks such as the Waterfall, direct content searches, a data archive, analytic reports and much more.

If you would like to benefit from media monitoring to boost your business, do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts will gladly walk you through the platform in the course of a free demo!

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