Duplicate Detection

In times of cross medial publishing, the same content is often being reused for multiple broadcast programs. This means that, for example, a TV channel may use exact the same clip in the morning as well as in the evening news. But this contains some stumbling blocks when it comes to efficiently monitoring the media.

Many duplicates in your search results can cause extra effort: a lot of your time and resources go to waste while trying to handle them. To avoid exactly that, eMM has implemented the reliable Duplicate Detection feature.

We distinguish several different types of duplicates, than can be defined as follows:

  • The same content that is broadcast again in the same channel, but at a different time
  • The same content that is broadcast on a sister channel of the same broadcaster. These are often thematically specific channels
  • The same content that is broadcast in a 24/7 news channel as well as on a national channel
Duplicate Detection Monitor

As a leader in media monitoring, eMM aims to offer the best services faciliating the work of our clients. So how does the eMM Dart platform deal with duplicates?

Here is how it works: Users get a real-time alert on the first mention. Then, as they log into the platform, a notification about all the duplicates detected is being displayed. That helps cutting down alerts while still receiving information about audience reached, the broadcast channels, the time and the date the clip aired on. The duplicates can easily be faded in or out by using a checkbox.

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