Is TV culture about to decease?

Is TV culture about to decease?

Every other week there are rumors of television „dying“ in countries all over the world, the same applies to the Latin American region. But it is actually nothing like that, TV is part of a vivid culture and more vital than ever.

Television is the politician‘s first choice for promoting propaganda, Football events, telenovelas and also the numbers of advertising in TV are rising – with no fall in sight. The devices may change – especially for the younger generation – from large screens to tablets or phones, to be able to watch the content on the go, but television is an important part of their audivisual environment. Also, this generation unites with audience up to the age of sixty to watch their favourite daily soaps together at primetime on the devices of their choice.

Future is never predictable but looking at the current situation it is clear to see that television culture is very stable and has a lot to offer.

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