Why Media Monitoring Continues to Gain Importance in 2023 – A Look into the Global Entertainment and Media Market

Why Media Monitoring Continues to Gain Importance in 2023 – A Look into the Global Entertainment and Media Market

International reports forecast a positive development for the global entertainment and media market in then next years. The data shows that their value is expected to increase to US$2.6 billion by 2025, representing an average growth rate of 5% between 2020 and 2025. Thus, it seems that some promising opportunities will appear on the horizon of companies in the entertainment and media sector or linked to it.

One of the main factors contributing to the positive tendency expected in the global entertainment and media market is that consumer habits are continuously linked to digital products and services, pushing the digital transformation of the entertainment and media sector. Therefore, it pays off to keep an eye on the forecasts as well as trends and prepare business strategies accordingly.

Transactions, Acquisitions and Mergers in a Global Marketplace

Back in 2021, the entertainment and media market has witnessed major transactions, acquisitions and mergers of companies that will provide momentum for the coming years – especially between telecommunications companies and content creators. New or renewed companies backed by billions of dollars will be major players not only in content production but also in the creation of new digital platforms.

If until now, everything pointed to the fact that the big beneficiaries would entirely be the large tech companies, it must not be forgotten that the implementation of regulatory measures at the international level – independent in each country – between 2020 and 2021, have curbed the great power of these companies resulting in a chance for small/medium-sized businesses, start-ups, and local commerce to grow as well.

Regarding content formats, the reports highlight the audience preferences towards the ease and convenience of podcasts compared to the rather inflexible classic radio stations. The audio content landscape is said to become more diversified due to platforms specialized in specific topics and also interdisciplinary ones where users can find content about a variety of topics in a single place. A first step into this direction has been made by introducing on-demand radio programs.

It is also worth mentioning platforms that disseminate authentic content or content produced by individual content creators. They are booming as the content creators come up with clever tactics to attract large audiences and the trend, as the data shows, is expected to continue.

Moving Forward by Taking Advantage of a Flourishing Market

Staying within the comfort zone is not a good business strategy in a market that continues to advance. In this sense, media monitoring solutions are a step towards increasing business opportunities, embracing digital transformation, benefiting the clients and leveraging market growth.

Media monitoring allows to closely follow the progress of the entertainment and media market. Furthermore, users can track the development of their topics of interest within a wide range of information sources – from digital audio, text and video content to traditional broadcast media. Thus, a company can get aware of a good part of the audience’s habits, they can gain knowledge of what content reaches them and what should actually reach them regarding, for example, their own company.

On the other hand, the growing trend towards big entertainment and media companies creates a need to centralize the control of the activities of their subsidiaries – located in various parts of a country or the world. With a collaborative online media monitoring solution like eMM Pegasus, large companies can follow and manage their actions and brand image around the world and stay in line with the developments within the entertainment and media market.

If you are interested in media insights of your industry, your company, or your competitors, eMedia Monitor offers you the possibility of monitoring more than 3,400 TV and radio channels in more than 75 countries and in many different languages.

With the extensive media coverage available via the eMM Pegasus platform, information published in the media about an industry, its changes, forecasts, competitors, or even about your own company is at your fingertips. Contact us to find out how your own company can benefit from eMM’s media monitoring solutions.

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