Christmas Strategies 2023: How Marketing and PR Pros Can Take Advantage of Ad Campaign Monitoring

Christmas Strategies 2023: How Marketing and PR Pros Can Take Advantage of Ad Campaign Monitoring

Christmas is one of the most special times of the whole year. Streets are lit up with Christmas decorations and the media are full of this year’s Christmas campaigns. Most companies use seasonal promotions to increase their sales, which in some industries depict a large part of their annual profit. Planning effective strategies is an essential part and, therefore, companies tend to already start working on them in the months leading up to Christmas.

Obviously, there are also companies that launch campaigns relatively flexible without long lead times. Whichever group you belong to; read on for some inspiration and discover how media monitoring can be of great help when implementing a seasonal campaign.

What is Media Monitoring?

In short, media monitoring is the task of tracking the outputs of media such as traditional broadcast TV and radio, or modern digital media such as online news, podcasts, or web TV. The main aim is to be able to keep an overview of particular topics using a keywords search – for example, your company, brand or industry. The detected content can then be analyzed, compared and used for various purposes, such as strategy or communication optimization.

In principle, media monitoring tools, such as eMM Dart, can be set up in a single day and users are ready to start. The results start being generated as soon as the search profiles are ready. However, it will not be possible to get data from the period previous to the set up of the search terms.

Keeping this in mind, we have gathered three ideas below that marketing and PR professionals can benefit from while building their Christmas strategies - in 2023 or next year:

  1. First, track your competitors’ ad campaigns to know exactly what they are doing in terms of marketing before/during/after the Christmas season. This can be helpful in many ways as we explain below;
  2. Second, monitor your own Christmas ad campaigns and be aware of whether they are appearing where and when they should. A creative and original Christmas ad campaign is not enough. Businesses need to go one step further observing the dissemination of the campaigns in the media;
  3. Third, follow what is being said about your brand/product in different information sources, track the mentions and use any positive content for Christmas ad campaign purposes.

Look at Others, React Quickly and Improve

Monitoring competitors’ Christmas ad campaigns can help identify powerful strategies and thus potential profit losses for your company.

While customers’ loyalty is never guaranteed, this may be even more true at this time of the year: people look for the best deals around Christmas and businesses use special promotions to attract them. Not reacting fast in this case bears the risk of losing potential customers.

A first good step to avoid unpleasant surprises is to use the information gathered while monitoring your competitors’ ad campaigns to take prompt actions – for example, responding to a competitor’s special Christmas offer launching your own adapted promotion.

Besides, any information regarding competitors’ Christmas ad campaigns 2023 can help you prepare an improved campaign the following Christmas season. Businesses neither want to miss any valuable information nor do they want to make the same mistakes again.

Information collected using an ad campaign monitoring service – like the channels used by the competition to disseminate their campaigns, how often the ads aired and the kind of offers they were promoting – can be taken into consideration for campaigns in the following years.

Observe the Dissemination of Your Christmas Campaign

On the other hand, if a business has taken timely measures and prepared an early Christmas campaign – such as promoting gifts, special prices, or free trials – then it is time to observe if ads are being disseminated correctly.

Christmas ad campaigns are a great marketing strategy to maintain customer loyalty as well as to make potential customers aware about a product. However, for an optimal performance the ads should appear where and how it was initially planned – keeping in mind the target group and other relevant criteria.

Using the eMM ad campaign monitoring solution, businesses can also monitor their own ads across the widest range of information sources worldwide, including traditional TV, radio, online press, podcasts, web-TV and social media. This way they can make sure that potential clients looking for special Christmas deals will be able to find them.

Last but not least, an automated media monitoring service can contribute to the development of effective Christmas campaigns. A company that has the power to observe what is being said about their brand or product also has the opportunity to take up positive media mentions and transform them into catchy advertising statements. Such a strategy can further enhance a good Christmas deal.

Underestimating the effectivity of Christmas ad campaigns – your own or the ones of your competitors – can give other companies within the industry a great advantage over you. Contact us and find out more about how the eMM ad campaign monitoring service works and how it can contribute to your business goals.


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