Trends in Media Monitoring: What You Should Know now to Stay Ahead during 2023

Trends in Media Monitoring: What You Should Know now to Stay Ahead during 2023

New year, new innovations: Staying one step ahead of trends and developments is important in every industry, and PR, marketing and communications are no exception.

For professionals working in these industries, the best way to gain a competitive advantage over other brands or companies is to utilize the innovations within their sector such as technological advances. A clear example of this is the development that has taken place in one of the most fundamental areas of PR and marketing: media monitoring.

Media Monitoring

Since its manual beginnings, media monitoring has been key to identifying which messages are making the rounds in the public sphere about a brand, its competitors, or the industry as a whole. However, the introduction of automated media monitoring made the process much more economical: it made it possible to examine a greater number of sources while saving valuable time and resources to focus on other tasks.

Since its introduction, automated media monitoring has continued to grow steadily and represents one of the industries’ trends in 2023. Here are the highlights:

1. Media Monitoring Automation

Reports indicate that the number of media sources keeps growing - traditional media continues to be joined by podcasts, web TV, online news and other so called “new media”. With the increasing offer, the strategies of PR and marketing professionals are diversifying to reach different types of audience. Therefore, they now need to analyze their contributions in a larger number of different media - which require different technological capabilities.

This situation strengthens the position of automated holistic media monitoring able to process a diverse range of outlets as the key solution to stay ahead of the competition in 2023. Some tools cover the full range of traditional and new media types and assist PR and marketing professionals in the task of examining their brand within all of them easily using just one platform.

2. Analytics and Reporting

In addition to automation, one of the fundamental trends in media monitoring that is gaining momentum is the integration of analytics and reporting tools. Data analysis serves to draw conclusions from the information extracted from media monitoring, which ultimately contribute to improving strategies and making fact-based decisions.

In 2023, media monitoring solutions that integrate an analytic tool with descriptive and comparative graphs and the ability to download reports move into the spotlight. Depending on the media monitoring company, these tools are easy to use and allow professionals to obtain the most relevant insights with a single click thanks to the most important analytical visualizations already integrated.

3. Real-Time Observation

The dissemination of news has never been faster than it is today - a development that will also continue over coming years. To stay on top of the news, it is not only necessary to monitor many different outlets, but to be able to follow their contributions timely. Particularly advanced media monitoring solutions therefore process content in real time and directly make it available to the users.

The great advantage of this for the PR and communications industry is that it is possible to counteract immediately if unforeseen developments occur.

Platforms that do not require their own hardware or software also score points in that the corresponding media can be followed from virtually anywhere in the world, regardless of the device.

4. Flexibility

The days of rigid contracts and one-fits-all solutions are history. 2023 calls for solutions across industries that adapt to users and drive their business model.

Depending on the provider, plans can be extremely flexible, ranging from short-term packages to long-term subscriptions, and can also be paused, extended and customized in terms of channels, regions or even languages.

The flexibility does not end with the contract, however, as the media monitoring solution itself can optimally also be adapted to the needs of the user: interfaces can be changed and functions can be added or removed in the form of widgets. In this way, the user can design their workspaces in the way that best serves their business.


Media monitoring providers bringing the four highlighted aspects to the table have what it takes to boost communication businesses in 2023.

Reputation management, brand building, marketing communications and many more fields profit of clever solutions, now more than ever.

If you, too, would like to explore the possibilities media monitoring has to offer nowadays, check the link right here taking you to a survey determining your specific needs. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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